Could Be a Surprise Hit!

By rb_in_chicago
Written March 03, 2011
This movie could be a surprise hit is it is marketed correctly. I had never seen Ray Stevenson in a movie before - and I see 100+ movies a year - so I was expecting a throw-away action movie. Instead, he and the most of the cast were perfect in this gangster drama. Who knew about the Cleveland mob! The story is facinating and really captures a time and place in modern American history. While Linda Cardellina did an ok job in the limited role of Danny Green's wife, I guess I just don't care for her acting. I recently watched the entire Freaks and Geeks series and it always felt like she was acting in a different show. It feels the same way in Kill the Irishman. As an aside, I never think of Vincent D'Onofrio as anything other than his Law and Order persona,but now I want to see him in more movies.
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Loved This Movie

By gimmie_more_movies
Written March 13, 2011
I really enjoyed the movie. So sad it wasn't in Cleveland. Shame on you ex-governor Strickland. The acting was top notch I thought Ray Stevenson was spot on and I enjoyed Vincent D'Onoffrio, as I always do. I hope there are many more movies made on Shondor Birns, John Nardi, and many of the other men they were just able to touch on in the film. I've been doing allot of research online at has a terrific timeline linked to many of the original newspaper articles. I remember much of the people and that time in Cleveland. I was 35 years old and spent many hours in the Theatrical and the after hours clubs in downtown and the east side. The movie could have been 12 hours long but it was just enough to peak my interest in the history of Cleveland and the mob.
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By TommyReid
Written March 13, 2011
This Film ROCKS! Any mafia buff MUST SEE this!
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Kill the Irishman

By satis
Written April 09, 2011
We enjoyed the movie, but as long time Cleveland residents, we were not thrilled with the some of the locations that were chosen in Detroit. It seems as if the editors should have looked at the neighborhoods in Cleveland and then tried to match those they were able to use in Detroit. We got a kick out of the Brainard area which in reality is and was a middle class suburban lo-cation. Also the area where Danny lived is Collinwood (not Collingwood). Some poetic license is always necessary, we guess. As far as the portrayals went, they were decent. One exception was probably Shondor. In real life he was a sharp dresser. In the movie he looked like a double for Bela Lugosi. I think adults who lived in Cleveland would enjoy the movie. I don't think the murder and bombings are really appropriate for kids. (but who is to say- they see it all on T.V. The Cinebistro experience was excellent!
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Great Movie

By Mlopes
Written March 20, 2011
I thought this story line was intriguing and funny! definitely a film to recommend!
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