Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, crazy again...

By movies having movies
Written December 19, 2008
Not a bad movie, but nothing to drop what you're doing and get to the theatre over. I saw this movie on a free pass more than a year ago, so I wonder how it's been fiddled with since.
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Killshot: The Crime Drama That Wasn't.

By Pseudobyte
Written February 07, 2010
I've read the Elmore Leonard novel this film is based on so I was REALLY excited upon hearing about Tom Jane and Mickey Rourke starring in it. Fast forward 3 years or so and I didn't even know the movie was released. Limited theatrical release is being kind. Then I hear about how the film got cut to pieces in editing due to audiences hating Johnny Knoxville's character (I feel the casting was fitting for the character, based on the novel). I bought the DVD knowing it could be awful but curiosity got me. I liked it! Straightforward "on the run" type of yarn; married couple Jane and Lane are witnesses against Levitt and Rourke's characters and go into hiding. Mix in some marriage woes, a dash of Rosario Dawson as JGL's girlfriend and guns, blood and the mafia you get Killshot. Jane burns the screen with his tough as nails persona but it's JGL's performance as the crazy stickman Richie Nix that steals the show. I just wish there were deleted scenes or an alternate cut on the DVD.
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Um no

By vrupcic
Written October 27, 2014
This movie was not that good, actors were ok but they didn't pull it off to me
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