Killshot Synopsis
A woman (Diane Lane) and her husband flee a pair of assassins after witnessing an extortion scheme.
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Joseph Gordon-Leavitt, crazy again...

By movies having movies
Not a bad movie, but nothing to drop what you're doing and get to the theatre over. I saw this movie on a free pass more than a year ago, so I wonder how it's been fiddled with since....

Killshot: The Crime Drama That Wasn't.

By Pseudobyte
I've read the Elmore Leonard novel this film is based on so I was REALLY excited upon hearing about Tom Jane and Mickey Rourke starring in it. Fast forward 3 years or so and I didn't even know the...

Um no

By vrupcic
This movie was not that good, actors were ok but they didn't pull it off to me...

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Rated R | For violence, language and brief nudity