Better then any sleeping pill to put you to sleep. "Boring them badly" would be a better title

By Yankelover
Written September 17, 2014
Some movies are good. Some movies are bad. And then you have that rare breed of movies like this one that is just pure torture to sit through. Half the audience walked out in the middle and the other half would have if they werent asleep.This is the bad movie by which every other bad movie will now be judged against. Besides being just plain bad. Slow as molasses. And Utter torture to sit through. Its just plain stupid. Example. In one scene at the beginning of this borefest. .Horribly miscast Ray Liotta has the crap beaten out of him. His face is smashed. His nose is busted. His jaw is fractured in 3 places. He is hit so many times in the stomach he vomits blood, and appears near death.Next scene finds him in the office with only a Jr bandaid over his eye looking like he just came from a vacation in the Bahamas. Avoid this trash like the plague
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By Beverly Hills Ninja
Written September 17, 2014
OK, so... my wife & I went out to the movies last night, which we usually never do because of the ridiculously high ticket prices - but we figured with so many good movies out right now, why not - right? WRONG! We went to see "Killing Them Softly" with Brad Pitt, James Gandolfini, Ray Liotta, Sam Shepard, Richard Jenkins figuring that with that cast it must be a great film! Ugh! What a total piece of crap!!! OMG! IT WAS THE SLOWEST MOVING, MOST CONFUSING, CONVOLUTED MOVIE I'VE EVER SEEN! It made Vanilla Sky look good! The critics love it which only proves that it's garbage. My boy, "Tony Soprano", had exactly TWO scenes in it and he totally sucked in both of them - and Brad Pitt was more loopy than he was in Snatch, Babel, and Twelve Monkeys all rolled into one. They say that this picture was made at a cost of $15 million and after the crappy opening weekend it had - the investors will be lucky to break even! Go see SKYFALL again before you waste a dime on this fiasco.
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Killing Them More Than Softly

By EinsteinJane
Written December 01, 2012
Great acting, interesting plot - too bad nobody's going to see it because of the bad reviews it is receiving but that is a shame. The acting is first rate and it is a first-rate movie. Stop reading those ridiculous reviews. Brad Pitt, Sam Shepard, James Gandolfini, Richard Jenkins, Ray could this movie be anything but good? The juxtaposition of politics, mobsters and the economy is brilliant and watching the interactions between Jenkins and Pitt and Gandofini and Pitt equal simply great film-making. Twenty-first century film noir at its best. The people who didn't like this film just don't understand the genre and are looking for an action, shoot 'em up film instead. That is definitely not what this is about.
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Killed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By jewels_8833
Written September 17, 2014
This movie is trash. very disappointed in the stars and their totally unneccessary portrayal/treatment of women and the political ramming down our throats which were both totally unneccessary to the film and yet because that, and shooting them in the head was all they did...(without it they would have had nothing.)...they still managed to end up with a big NOTHING film !
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PrObama Garbage

By thecoff
Written December 01, 2012
Well, I've never reviewed a movie and this is my first so I just have to say I'd rather sit through the entire Twilight saga than see this single movie again. It has direct "in your face" Pro-Obama propaganda that will just not go away. Even if I WAS an Obama supporter this movie does not have any closure nor do you get to find out what happens to half the characters they introduce during the film. This is more like just a meander through mind of drug addict than a complete work of cinematography. There is no story to follow, it is SO SLOW to the point that the only person who gave the movie any credibility was Ray Liotta. I have never once asked for my money back during a movie but I demanded to see a manager afterwards so it's escalating to the corporate level now. I know it only cost $20 but that's $20 I feel like Obama stole from me. Obama already takes enough of my money so I was duped and confounded by this film. Do not spend any money nor rent it on Redbox.
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