Killed Me Slowly

By marawd
Written December 02, 2012
First off, I am sick of paying to see a movie with Obama in it!! I really don't want to pay for a movie and have to sit and listen and watch him. Secondly, this movie was slow, had too much dialogue and was altogether predictable. It was a waste of my money.
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By jm22680
Written December 13, 2012
I'm sorry, I love Brad Pitt but this movie was very, very boring. I wouldn't see this again if they played it on TV for free. The sole and only thing I liked about the movie was the quote at the end. Other than that, nah, booo!
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Awful movie

By imdianne
Written September 02, 2014
My husband and I saw this movie in Sydney, Australia before it ever made it to the U.S. It was absolutely the worse move we've ever seen. That says it all! Please don't bother to see it on screen or even on DVD, save your money for a worth while movie.
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The Friends of Eddie Coyle

By Oscar Wilde
Written August 20, 2014
For those familiar with that 70's classic you will understand the reference for those that dont....go watch it. While the critics seem to dislike it, I however on balance liked the movie. Mr Pitt I believe is a very generous actor meaning......he seems very comfortable to merely take a back seat in order to support another actors dominant role..a rear gift indeed in an ego driven industry. For me the most interesting and riveting character was James Gadolfini his was an oscar caliber performance while Brad played foil his under stated role complimented Gadolfini brilliantly. The Australian character too was notable... btw my definition of notable that is 100% credible and obliterates the lines between fiction and reality. Admittedly; this movie has a niche market, but for those of us looking for the unusual this movie provides something a little different and indulges our slightly darker and prurient cinematic fixation.
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Better then any sleeping pill to put you to sleep. "Boring them badly" would be a better title

By Yankelover
Written September 17, 2014
Some movies are good. Some movies are bad. And then you have that rare breed of movies like this one that is just pure torture to sit through. Half the audience walked out in the middle and the other half would have if they werent asleep.This is the bad movie by which every other bad movie will now be judged against. Besides being just plain bad. Slow as molasses. And Utter torture to sit through. Its just plain stupid. Example. In one scene at the beginning of this borefest. .Horribly miscast Ray Liotta has the crap beaten out of him. His face is smashed. His nose is busted. His jaw is fractured in 3 places. He is hit so many times in the stomach he vomits blood, and appears near death.Next scene finds him in the office with only a Jr bandaid over his eye looking like he just came from a vacation in the Bahamas. Avoid this trash like the plague
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