Better then any sleeping pill to put you to sleep. "Boring them badly" would be a better title

By Yankelover
Written October 08, 2015
Some movies are good. Some movies are bad. And then you have that rare breed of movies like this one that is just pure torture to sit through. Half the audience walked out in the middle and the other half would have if they werent asleep.This is the bad movie by which every other bad movie will now be judged against. Besides being just plain bad. Slow as molasses. And Utter torture to sit through. Its just plain stupid. Example. In one scene at the beginning of this borefest. .Horribly miscast Ray Liotta has the crap beaten out of him. His face is smashed. His nose is busted. His jaw is fractured in 3 places. He is hit so many times in the stomach he vomits blood, and appears near death.Next scene finds him in the office with only a Jr bandaid over his eye looking like he just came from a vacation in the Bahamas. Avoid this trash like the plague
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Killing Them Softly

By sdmoviegal
Written December 03, 2012
The most HORRIBLE movie I have ever seen! I go to the movies at least once a week and sat through many "dogs" but this was by far the worst movie ever! I walked out and demanded my money back...which I got. I was the 6th person to walk out!!!!! Save yourself don't see it. And BTW Brad Pitt for the first hour he had maybe 10 mins of air time. What a waste!
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Killed me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By jewels_8833
Written July 26, 2016
This movie is trash. very disappointed in the stars and their totally unneccessary portrayal/treatment of women and the political ramming down our throats which were both totally unneccessary to the film and yet because that, and shooting them in the head was all they did...(without it they would have had nothing.)...they still managed to end up with a big NOTHING film !
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Good movie, but not for everyone

By zxmoore1
Written July 28, 2016
I enjoyed this movie, even though it was slow building. A lot of the "boring" dialogue that people have talked about as mindless or not needed actually was great character development throughout. You were given a great look into the minds of those who commit crimes and why. As for Brad Pitt, he did a good job in his role but he should in no way be the cover of this movie poster. The movie as a whole was very graphic and pulls no punches. If you are easily offended or politically biased, don't waste your time because its not for you.
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Written July 30, 2016
Don't waste your time, we walked out after 20 minutes of absolutley nothing happening. One of the worst movies I 've ever seen.
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