Vey bad movie

By johnson2719
Written December 01, 2012
Under no circumstances pay to see this movie. Acting is good but it another movie trying to make a politcal statement. Make sure you ask the usher to wake you up at the end of the movie. I want my money back.
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By aallmand76
Written December 01, 2012
I saw the previews and it said it was a thriller and Brad Pitt had a Oscar nominated performance. The movie was so boring and a total waste of time and money. Brad Pitt didn't even appear until the middle of the movie and all the interesting parts were people getting shot in the head which at parts didn't make sense! Soooo much talking. If I wouldn't have been on a date, I would have left in the middle... no the beginning of the movie. I highly recommend no one watch this movie just because Brad Pitt is in it. I hope I can save some people money. Also don't bring your kids because of the foul language, drugs, and very bloody scenes.
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Killing them softly

By Sedonaguyed
Written December 04, 2012
This is by far THE WORSE MOVIE I have seen in years!!! I can't believe all these great actors wanted this movie to act in!! Don't go!!!!
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Killing them Softly killed us

By lynnie131
Written December 03, 2012
This movie was a huge disappointment. Brad looked good but had absolutely no personality, movie was very slow moving and confusing. They sprinkled some well recognized past mobster actors in it to try and convince you, but failed miserably. James Gandolfini whom I happen to love had a very small pathetic part and would have done the movie some justice had they built it around him. Dont waste your money. Not even on DVD.
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Not what I was expecting

By edosborn1
Written November 30, 2012
Slow, too artistic and heavy handed. Trying to make a statement but you're never quite sure what it is. Brad Pitt is good doing... whatever it is he's trying to do here. But overall not an enjoyable, enlightening or powerful movie.
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