Written July 24, 2014
Don't waste your time, we walked out after 20 minutes of absolutley nothing happening. One of the worst movies I 've ever seen.
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Killing Them Softly

By buccieri
Written November 30, 2012
This movie killed me, but not softly. It drug from beginning to the end. This is the first movie I really did not like any part of. I started to leave half way through. Didn't but should have. I went because I like a number of the actors in it. That wasn't enough.
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A Horrible Movie

By BLM1228
Written December 05, 2012
I am an avid movie - goer . I see a movie on average once or twice a week. Killing them softly is one of the worse movies I have seen in years. Please don't waste your time and money going to see it. I wish I had skipped it. Brad Pitt should be ashamed !!!!!
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Killing Them Slowly

By Xonnel
Written December 09, 2012
Movie took forever to get fact it never "really" did. Great characters and wonderful acting but story too slow. I blame the demise of what could have been a cult favorite because of the interesting characters on the director. Somebody please call Quentin Tarantino.
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boring and slow

By HPNJ08904
Written December 10, 2012
HI, I love mob movies and I don't mind violence. I thought the movie was boring (almost feel asleep) and I didn't care about the characters. Oh well...
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