Killing Them Softly Synopsis
A hit man (Brad Pitt) is brought in to kill the bumbling thieves who robbed a mob-run poker game.
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just missed

By ashbymitchellsmith
This movie was trying to be too much. It was like Mamet vs Tarantino vs Kevin Smith, and they all were on Qualuudes. Just tried to be a little too deep, a little too violent, a little too ironic. And...


By Blue_Dog
Shoot'em up Tarantino knock-off bloody urban gangster film is inter-spliced with video and audio from the 2008 banking crisis to make a metaphorical statement about the soullessness and money...

Killing them softly

By Moore_JamesIII
Very good movie. Very Tarantini-ish in that the violence is plentiful and graphic. A no-nonsense hit man movie. The director whose name I can't recall is a bit of a political cynic, but I tend to...

A waste of time, machinery and film

By lotajoy
I dont think I have ever seen a worst film. Impressions are given that it is a mob shoot em up movie and it turns out to be a political diatribe of Bush, the Obama campaign (always on a radio or TV...

Tarantino alike but on steroids *HORRIBLE*

By fastaccess2004
This movie reminded me of mom and aunt conversations but stretched over 2 1/2 hours. It took 5 minutes of film to show someone getting shot. Slow motion shooting, flashing screens that do not make...

Vey bad movie

By johnson2719
Under no circumstances pay to see this movie. Acting is good but it another movie trying to make a politcal statement. Make sure you ask the usher to wake you up at the end of the movie. I want my...

Softly Putting Them To Sleep

By MedRed
The Good: The art direction is amazing. Between it and the great acting, you believe everything put forth on the screen. I could literally smell the filth and dog poop on Russell. His perpetual sweat...

Liked it

By leoncia73
My husband and I enjoyed the film, it seems slow at times, but suddenly something happens, we saw it a a dark comedy sometimes, but also a good critic to our society, if you go, it is worthy to watch...

Don't Bother

By VegasBluebird
No way to put a good spin on it - "Killing Them Softly" is just plain bad. Pretentious and dull, this movie thinks it is far better than it is. Not sure why the critics are raving about it. About...

It's About Killing, Leave Your Emotions at Home

By pedsarq
Brad Pitt plays a sentimental killer who can't off anyone he knows. Those he doesn't know, he likes to kill from a distance, when they least expect it, which he refers to as killing them "softly". ...

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Rated R | For Violence, sexual references, pervasive language and some drug use
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