Killers Movie Review

By Asianfreak
Written June 30, 2013
67 out of 100 A dull action/romantic/comedy thriller that tells more than delivers but it still gets the job done.
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By Ronin Bahamut
Written November 06, 2011
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Poorly developed story...

By lovestalentmoviefan
Written June 07, 2010
...makes this painful to watch.I have seen both Heigl and Kutcher act pretty well,but here,they simply had a non-dimensional script.Nothing happens after they get married.No story,no relationship...just the killings. Selleck,who is always on point with what he is given,had a good part,but all the interest came in the last 10 minutes,with absolutely nothing to give it any credibility. Seriously,it is like they thought up the ending when they got to it. O'hara is capable of so much more. I can't believe any of them took this job. Very disappointing. Pretty clean(except for constant focus on Heigls bust),so I don't give it a NO,but seriously,as an intriguing and funny movie....I DO NOT recommend Killers.
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Can't think of anything that worked

By birac
Written June 05, 2010
Very elementary dialogue.Wooden delivery of just about all that elementary dialogue. Zero chemistry between Heigl and Kutcher. Underused O'hara and Selleck. No plot,just a bunch of random assassins. Silly,last minute conclusion that just sort of was revealed with no cohesiveness. I am so disappointed,the previews were good,but misleading.And I thought with that great cast they couldn't go wrong. Well-I was wrong. ONLY SEE ON CABLE OR SOMEWHERE THAT YOU PAY NOTHING.
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Silly Movie

By suemarie
Written June 11, 2010
This movie started out so good. The lead actors are good at a meet-cute in the beginning. But with bullets flying and car chases and explosions happening with no cops, no bystanders, it gets just plain silly. They even revisit the scene of a huge fight involving a garage door, among other damages and there is no one there investigating? This is a suburb with no nosey neighbors. Anyway, it's just OK for anybody with a couple hours to kill.
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