Killers (2010) Synopsis
An ex-assassin (Ashton Kutcher) and his wife try to learn who is trying to kill them.
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Killers Movie Review

By Asianfreak
67 out of 100 A dull action/romantic/comedy thriller that tells more than delivers but it still gets the job done....

By Ronin Bahamut

Poorly developed story...

By lovestalentmoviefan
...makes this painful to watch.I have seen both Heigl and Kutcher act pretty well,but here,they simply had a non-dimensional script.Nothing happens after they get married.No story,no...

Can't think of anything that worked

By birac
Very elementary dialogue.Wooden delivery of just about all that elementary dialogue. Zero chemistry between Heigl and Kutcher. Underused O'hara and Selleck. No plot,just a bunch of random assassins....

Silly Movie

By suemarie
This movie started out so good. The lead actors are good at a meet-cute in the beginning. But with bullets flying and car chases and explosions happening with no cops, no bystanders, it gets just...


By stevenlourie
If you want to go see a completely ridiculous movie, with a ridiculous plot, and cheesy acting, just so you can laugh at how awful it is and make yourself feel better, this is the movie for you. For...


By monte_negro
I created an account just to write a review on this movie. If I can save one person from seeing this movie, I will have succeeded. IT WAS THAT BAD. I think I can say this was the worst movie I've...

By KDBolejack

Great Movie!

By oxsmile4youxo
I loved this movie! Even my boyfriend who HATES chick flicks enjoyed this movie. he laughed out loud often. Not a bad choice in a date night movie at all :) we loved it!...


By willie boy
All that is good about this movie is in the trailers. The acting is forced, has very little laugh moments. There were times when i was yarning and looking at my watch, this is the kind of movie this...

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Rated PG-13 | For violent action, language and sexual material
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Common Sense Media says Bland spy romcom mines violence, stereotypes for laughs.
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