• Released
  • October 10, 2014
  • (Limited; Japanese with English subtitles)
  • NR , 2 hr 0 min
  • Action/Adventure
In order to handle the crises of a modern world, the Japanese government must utilize sophisticated robots to solve problems that mortals simply can’t. The project’s lead scientist creates a prototype android, Kikaider, to peacefully assist humans.

Movie Reviews

Kikaider Reboot - very different

By kevnsn
A very slick production. Definitely not the campy show that I grew up with and not for kids. For those that are jumping on now, a tolerable movie that doesn't need much explanation. For those that...

nostalgic but storyline needs worm

By axspointe
Great to see this childhood series updated. fight scenes were well choreographed. Flow of the movie was all over the place....

Jiro is still so cool!

By lpfaleafine
This movie brought back so many fond memories! Jiro is still a cool robotic dude! If you grew up with Kikaida, you will want to see this movie. And, if you're a parent too, your children will find a...


By aldenr001

Kikaider Reboot

By Lachong2
Great remake of an old favorite....

Very Disappointed

By Shiga003662
As a true fan of the original Kikaida Television show, I was extremely disappointed with the reboot. It was way too different than the original series. I don't understand how they could make Kikaida...

Kikaida Reboot

By ride4ever3537

Perfect Nostalgia

By jgoo
Okay, there were times it was a little loose. Like there were scenes that were missing. Or there wasn't enough exposition. How did they get from here to there exactly? They should've explained...

KIKAIDER is still so cool!

By joshuaabutin777
Watching this movie brings back that nostalgic feeling of being a child watching your hero fighting evil. That feeling of suspense and excitement come rushing back as you watch this movie from...

Kikaida Reboot

By rmthomas270
I grew up watching Kikaida and wanted to take my 4 year old granddaughter who is a huge fan. We enjoyed the movie but really missed the: "switch on", "giant swing", "double chop" and "the end". I...

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