This Turbulent Drama Loses Nothing In Translation.

By Al P
Written May 09, 2012
It may be French and subtitled in English but this is well worth its ticket price. The protagonist player (the kid) basically carries the screenplay but does a fine job regardless the language of his performance. See this film. You won't be disappointed.
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250 Blows (or maybe 600)

By kkampsch
Written May 03, 2012
Kid with a Bike is, first of all, gripping. The Kid is, like M. Leaud, a scene stealer, not deliberately, rather because the acting is so natural. Every moment he is on the screen, which is almost every moment, you cannot not watch. The reactions to what happens to him are inscrutable at first--you immediately see determination, but without understanding what drives it. Then, slowly, the reasons behind the reactions reveal themselves through the face and the eyes of the Kid. While there are a couple of plot twists that don't seem completely necessary, on reflection they are cathartic and underline the evolution of the characters. If this movie doesn't grab your heart, you don't have one. The references to 400 Blows are subtle--it isn't a retelling at all--and the final frame has the same heart-stopping effect of the final frame in the earlier movie--the entire experience flashed back through your mind as the camera lingers on the one final shot. Less dramatic, equally effective
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Reality brought to the screen

By aletaqueen
Written April 01, 2012
At first glance it's an ordinary story about ordinary life events. Story boils down to ... Boy's father leaves and son doesn't understand why. What made it powerful was its ordinary-ness. It is so true to real life when stuff happens to kids (or anyone) and because of what happens, life takes a turn. The story evoked several emotions from sorrow for the kid to wonder at the woman who stepped into his life. This movie is for those who enjoy a story that is well told and extremely well acted by the lead and supporting characters.
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Had high hopes

By alisab63
Written April 08, 2012
I was looking forward to catch this movie after seeing the previews but was a bit disappointed. Very slow. I caught myself checking my phone a few times throughout out of boredom. This was the second movie I've seen this week with Cécile De France. She's a good actress and a beauty. The boy was good. My heart did go out to him, but wish I could have waited for this as a rental.
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something different

By hellokitty56
Written April 30, 2012
not predictable it makes you think not a cute little moppet tugging at your heartstrings but an angry kid in a terrible situation and you end up rooting for him all the way realistic and believable not corny or eye rolling emotion a must see!
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