Kickin' It Old Skool Synopsis
A now-grown breakdancer awakes from a 20-year coma and sets out to revive his dance team's career.
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By redyeah
No, no,no, no. Just No....

Slap Stick by Jammie

By I_Review
A must see!!!! Only Jamie Kennedy could make this movie work....

Funny as Balls!!!

By Skippy22
Super fun! Jamie and Bobby Lee are Hilarious and the 80s nostalgia will bring you right back to your glory days!!! A must see if you loved the 80s!!! Oh yeah... Maria Menounos... GORGEOUS!!...

kick it old school

By danielle1112
I thought the movie was over all funny but the movie did have some dull parts. I wish the first scene of the breakdancing wasnt so fast....

Brings back memories!

If u are a child of the 80's u will luv this movie, cause it brings back memories & it's pretty funny. Teenagers & young parents will like this movie. If u want to laugh your butts off go see Kicking...

Stupid Funny

By vee_ron
It was stupid funny, ok teen movie adults with a sense of humor will like it too!!...


By yadada?!?
yah! i guess you can say this movie is funny, but it isn't the good quality funny!!!!! its the stupid funny,but don't get me wrong, cuz it will make you laugh, but i really recommend it if you have...


By movie_fanatic10
i thought this movie was so dumb but in a funny way. there were parts that i just couldn't stop laughing at. if you love laughing then go see it! LOL...

It should have been rated R .

By sjwcslook
Bad language. Even the F word made it in a PG13 movie. We were disappointed....


By may12345
the movie was amazing but there was a little bit of sexual conents like the movie was rated "R" or something but it was a fun time...

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Rated PG-13 | For crude and sexual content and language
What Parents Need to Know
Common Sense Media says Kennedy's lowbrow comedy best for '80s veterans.
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