• Released
  • April 16, 2010
  • (Midnight Screenings at 11:59pm Thursday Night, 04/15)
  • R , 1 hr 57 min
  • Action/Adventure


By lovestalentmoviefan
Written April 21, 2010
...so much so that it obliterates any of the normal objections I have for some R rated material. I don't know if i am open minded enough to see my children in roles like this,but I sure am glad some parents were,because this is at the top of my list for pure cinematic brainstorm. Oh,and I have never had the soundtrack of a movie make such an impact on me. And I am pretty attuned to that venue of film-making. I think it is best to go in not know anything,except not to bring any children, and let this piece of art blow you away..All actors spot on...lead admittedly didn't have alot to make him stand out,but that's who Kick ***is. Hit Girl,Big Daddy and Mark Strong (forget character name) were award winning exceptional and brave from what I know now must have been controversial roles to accept.From the kidnapping to the end,you will have to remind yourself to breathe.violence/language/mild sexual
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Kick ***is funny movie that a lot of people will enjoy!

By thesilentcat4
Written April 21, 2010
Being just a normal Joe who loves going to see movies and writing reviews for them, I feel very blessed to have gotten invited to see this movie, Kick ***, at an early screening. Now, Kick *** is a really funny movie. The cast just does a great job of acting in their best comedic acts, which is a real delight for fans of the cast. The story starts out great, and ends great but the real problem with the story/movie is that it drags in the middle. .Unlike in the comics, the story in the middle of the film is not told as great as it is told in the comics. I recommend seeing this movie and really enjoy it, cause you will, then go to a bookstore and get the comic really experience the story. ALSO, this movie is extremely violent! I was surprised myself, but it was a great delight to watch no doubt! Anyone interested in this movie will like it because it lives up to its previews and is a very funny movie. GREAT MOVIE, go see it
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Kick-***Movie Review

By spencerhutapea
Written August 15, 2013
91 out of 100 Non-stop laughs and non-stop brutality in a comic-book superhero adventure. "Kick-Ass" takes it to a whole new level, with a clear, obvious message and still be crude and hilarious. With a surprisingly thoughtful story and well-developed characters which makes this movie a hit. The action was exciting and the jokes weren't old school. This is a bad-a** movie. One of the best movies that came out in 2010.
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Oh yes! Go now!

By keatsgirl
Written April 21, 2010
What are you waiting for. Expect to see things you don't think "little kids" should be doing-----and enjoy. It's only a movie!!!! Since the script was out there,and young actors are playing these roles anyway,accept it. The child super heroes lived their respective roles amazingly well. In concert with appropriately backdrop and dead-on adult performances, epic cinematography, and a pitch perfect soundtrack...you will not be disappointed. Soak in the hard work and talent,know what the film is supposed to be,and just love it!
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Five Word Review

By redyeah
Written April 18, 2010
ultra-violent sincere original spectacular flawless
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