When the 16 yr olds stopped laughing...

By samuroid
Written December 23, 2014
Nobody mentions the attempted rape scene and the very thinly veiled humor used to cover it. The 16 yr old girls that had been laughing the entire time in the theater suddenly stopped laughing when this scene came up. My gf also found it out of place and offensive. Is rape ever funny? As a guy I thought, "Oh wait. We suddenly took a turn here. WTH happened?!" Producers and directors take note: the kernel of appeal to this movie franchise was... a) the surprise that a kid (Hit Girl) had a bad mouth and could be a bad ass b) super heroes could be ordinary people (Kick Ass) As soon as we hit knife stab to the neck, prison killing of a dad, (assumed) rape and being held down of a heroine - you just lost alot of your audience. My theatre was empty.
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Just watch the first one...

By Mp4G
Written May 26, 2015
What made the original Kick-***movie so great was the snappy dialogue and awesome stunts and little Chloe's potty mouth. This one lacks all three. What it does have is some ridiculous villains, an un-followable, pointless plot, and dialogue that tries to emulate the first movie but falls short. I enjoyed parts of it, but I'm not itching to watch it again. Don't bother unless you're a huge fan of the genre.
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Realistic Super Hero Movie

By Sekhargss
Written February 09, 2016
Although i enjoy watching Super hero movies with beyond human abilities, this movie and it's preceding part are the most realistic super hero movies. The movie has humor all around, action and the concept is aptly focused till the end.
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Enjoyed the first Kick-Ass?

By Zeruxdude
Written August 16, 2013
Kick-***2 is a good sequel to the first movie, I enjoyed it. I like the new characters ( villains included ) and the growth of the main characters. I want to tell you more but would just have to say go out and support your local theaters and watch a movie!
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All the Fun of the First, But Cage is Missed

By Geek Soul Brother
Written August 16, 2013
Fun, Violent and Fun again. If you like the first KICK-ASS, you should like this one also. But I have to say that Nicolas Cage added something to the original. His oddball parenting was missed. On the other hand, Jim Cary as Colonel Stars and Stripes was enjoyable. Chloe was given much more emotional room as struggling teen. Taylor-Johnson was good, but I still feel he's a mis-cast. Mintz-Plasse was convincing as a whinny rich wanna-be super-villain. And I liked Chestnut as surrogate father of Hit-Girl, though his character was naive to some of the teen-killer's tricks. Directing was decent. No slow moments that I can recall. Leguizamo had a nice role, and the supporting cast did their jobs in general. But Olga Kurkulina as Mother Russia stole the show a couple times. Wouldn't want to meet her in any dark ally. Filmmakers added some emotional beats to the story, but I don't think they brought anything that out did the first. GEEK SOUL BROTHER gives it 3.75 OUT OF 5 COSMIC AFROS.
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