wonderful sequel

By chrisd23902
Written March 30, 2015
ok not sure if i am a fare judge seeing as i didnt see the first one but this movie dosent deserve all the critisism its getting from the critics i wached it and absolutely loved it how good it was to get a sequel that i didnt need to see the first one to get wat an awsome flick i loved it best action sequel i have seen this year ps havent seen fast six or wolverene but this was better than iron man or star treck so i say see it
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Not as good as the first, but worth a watch.

By qdaw99
Written October 19, 2013
Kick ***2 reminds us of the sophomore slump musicians experience. They put out that first great album that you can't stop playing then that second album comes along and you feel like it was rushed and of less quality than the first. Kick ***2 had that feeling in some regards. There was more action than the first and more comedy but it left me feeling like I wanted more. I'd still say go see it, but I just don't want you to get your hopes up too high.
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Just watch the first one...

By Mp4G
Written May 26, 2015
What made the original Kick-***movie so great was the snappy dialogue and awesome stunts and little Chloe's potty mouth. This one lacks all three. What it does have is some ridiculous villains, an un-followable, pointless plot, and dialogue that tries to emulate the first movie but falls short. I enjoyed parts of it, but I'm not itching to watch it again. Don't bother unless you're a huge fan of the genre.
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If you liked the first, you'll love this.

By over7par
Written August 22, 2013
I loved the movie. I've seen it twice already. However, if you don't like language or a few gory parts in movies, then this probably isn't for you. Like I said in my title, if the first one caught your eye, then this one will surpass it.
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was pretty good; better than most are saying.

By olrednec
Written August 18, 2013
Some of the heroes were very stupid, but the movie overall was good. The acting from some of the characters like mother russia sucked. The movie struggled between funny and serious and went back and forth a little too much, but there were some great fight scenes, some really funny parts and it keeps you entertained. I think if it weren't for mother russia and a few other stupid characters, the movie would be much better.
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