ARRG! Not as good as the first, but still mildly entertaining

By pdxlad-mfp
Written February 14, 2016
Liked the first movie and as a non comic book fan, it was great...this one was merely a decent mop up of the first. Acting was very good for the roles they were given. I won't go see part three if they make one!
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Good continuation of original characters but confusing mix of violence and pacifism

By AndrewDS
Written February 25, 2017
Takes place several years after Kick Ass, Mindy is learning to be a regular teenager the hard way but wants to put Hit Girl behind. Kick-***misses his old life and joins a strange group of superhero wanna-bes. Red Mist hasn't forgotten his father's death and trying to create his own group of anti-superheros. Most of movie is Kick-***and Hit-Girl trying to find out what they want to be, regular kids with regular problems, or resume their own secret identies. Confusing message and their is some murder of good guys as well as teenage cruelty in the regular world. Glad I saw it, but it was far less entertaining and well-written that the original 3 years ago. Script could have used some work.
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Worst Movie I've seen in a decade

By ndcarrick
Written August 24, 2013
There wasn't much to expect from Kick-***2. The first movie was funny, light hearted, and entertaining in a comic book kind of way. Pretty much what I'd expect from a comic book type movie. This sequel strayed so far off that mark into the dark and gory category, that I checked my phone part way through the movie to see if it had been directed by Qentin Tarantino (no offense to Mr. Tarantino, of course). The pinnacle of the gore and darkness of this movie was reached about 2/3 of the way through when the super villian comes to terrorize Kick Ass' girlfriend. The scene took its first very dark turn when The ************ (an awful name for a super villian) decided that raping the girl was how he would send a message. Ultimately he was thwarted by erectile dysfunction, however demonstrating the serious intent to inflict that on someone was definitely not ok, regardless of his inability to follow through. Horrible movie.
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By adonissbiaeh
Written August 19, 2013
I always thought of sequels as something that would never be good as the first one ever did, Kick-***2 proved me wrong. So glad I went to see it. Kick-***2 is just as amazing as Kick-***1, if not better!
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Masterfully executed

By jonathanjcawley
Written August 19, 2013
I've seen the first movie and loved the action, but this movie really went above my expectations in terms of both action, character depth, and relatability. The theme of 'the real world' reoccurs throughout the movie, and although people may pass it as theatrics, it relays a valuable message through the movie itself. It's something to appreciate, as viewers don't just leave satisfied, but inspired. The action, acting, and the script are all on point. My girlfriend, who is squeamish and disgusted by blood (even obviously fake blood) -- well, she turned away briefly, but watched intently and enjoyed the movie thoroughly. I enjoyed it very much as well. Definitely one of the better movies of this year.
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