Kick-***2 Rox!!!

By smartytart2002
Written August 21, 2013
I have enjoyed kick-***2 when I saw it @ the Jack London Square movie theater yesterday & let's say it was an Action-packed Sequel 4 this summer!!!.While Kick-***is Continuing with his Superhero thing,Hit-girl which her real name is Mindy Must deal with High School life but,a trio queen bees were sooo mean 2 her so she Unleashed a Sick Stick on them that cause them 2 barf & **** themselves & that's what Them *****es get 4 bein mean 2 hit-girl.Chris D'Amico is no longer Red Mist so He's Now the ************,the SuperVillian & vow 2 get even w/ Kick-ass & it was Insane that he & his supervillain crew was Causing a Huge Chaos included Mother Russia when She Killed the cops In a Craaazy way.Kick-ass & Hit-girl go 2gether Like Peanut Butter & chocolate & the battle finale Between the Good Guys & the bad guys was Intense,I would Wanna see that Movie Again or Maybe w8 til it comes out on dvd so I can find out what happened 2 the ************ after the credits roll,KICK-***2 RULES!!!!
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Very Good

By dpeoples
Written February 13, 2016
Kick-***2 was definitely not a let down. Meeting Mother Russia for the first time made me very scared for Hit Girl. Go see it and you'll know what I'm talking about. :)
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A Good Laugh

By gamerg21
Written October 07, 2015
The movie was good if your into the funny humor that kick ***1 brought then this movie is a must see kept me laughing throughout the movie. It was better than i had anticipated.
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Wait for it on video

By jhs39
Written November 29, 2015
Unnecessary sequel is disappointing even if you go in with very low expectations, like I did. Chloë Grace Moretz provides nearly all of the film's entertainment value as Mindy and her super-hero alter ego Hit Girl. She's an island of quality in the vast sea of crap that Is Kick ***2--unfortunately she's stuck in a third rate Mean Girls rip-off for much of the film's running time. Still, she manages to make the best of the bad material. The same can't be said for anyone else. The violence is bizarrely toothless--during the film's most violent sequence a villain named Mother Russia dispatches a half dozen cops single-handedly, including, in one case, by sending a running lawnmower through the windshield into the front seat of their squad car--but it feels like you're already watching the version that's been edited for basic cable viewing on USA. If I had more characters I could go on and on about the things that don't work about this one-it's depressingly mediocre.
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Great ADULT Follow-up

By nate6281
Written August 26, 2016
Unlike the first Kick-***movie, I would have to say this is not in any way kid friendly. With that being said it was a great follow-up! Nothing at all what I was expecting. Great action and keeps the action moving throughout.
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