Great sequel

By Setaris
Written July 31, 2014
I'll be honest and say KA2 wasn't as good as the first film but that's not a big deal since I also felt the book wasn't as good as the first story either. This one is a bit more over-the-top with the violence and jokes but it still has the charm and flavor that the first film had. Aaron Johnson, Chloe Grace Moretz, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are all a pleasure to watch again and nail their roles down exceptionally. I really didn't enjoy the way Jim Carrey portrayed Colonel Stars since he was a gruff, serious figure in the book that meant business while in this he's a jovial loon but they did the same thing with Big Daddy in the first movie. Guess that's just how this series treats its most brooding characters. The story was good, no dragging or slow parts and I really liked how they expanded on the story from the source material by incorporating plot points that was featured in the solo graphic novel "Hit-Girl". No question if you liked the first film you will love this.
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Horrendous violence

By mikemacdad
Written August 22, 2013
Loved the first movie, this one was awful. From the rape scene to the pictures of his dad's murder and the never ending graphic violence..... Stay away from this one if you're not into the whole sado/masochist biz.
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Worthy Sequel

Written August 24, 2013
I liked the route this went and the dark humor was pretty fun to keep along with. It's was cool to see certain actors in a different light as well.
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Kick-***2 Rox!!!

By smartytart2002
Written August 21, 2013
I have enjoyed kick-***2 when I saw it @ the Jack London Square movie theater yesterday & let's say it was an Action-packed Sequel 4 this summer!!!.While Kick-***is Continuing with his Superhero thing,Hit-girl which her real name is Mindy Must deal with High School life but,a trio queen bees were sooo mean 2 her so she Unleashed a Sick Stick on them that cause them 2 barf & **** themselves & that's what Them bitches get 4 bein mean 2 hit-girl.Chris D'Amico is no longer Red Mist so He's Now the ************,the SuperVillian & vow 2 get even w/ Kick-ass & it was Insane that he & his supervillain crew was Causing a Huge Chaos included Mother Russia when She Killed the cops In a Craaazy way.Kick-ass & Hit-girl go 2gether Like Peanut Butter & chocolate & the battle finale Between the Good Guys & the bad guys was Intense,I would Wanna see that Movie Again or Maybe w8 til it comes out on dvd so I can find out what happened 2 the ************ after the credits roll,KICK-***2 RULES!!!!
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worse than the first, stupid plot, horrendous

By flgirll27
Written August 28, 2013
of course all the sheep love this movie...probably ignorant teenagers. kickass 2 was horrible and nothing like the first. It was semi entertaining but with the worst plot ever. Why did they make hitgirl a pu*sy who suddenly became SUBSERVIENT to high school b*tches? I mean seriously? you think the real HITGIRL would do this? I don't think so. they ruined her character. just when you thought she would kick some a** they make her (horny)..seriously? why so they could incorporate some teen sex...very stupid writers and plot. why the superhero team? why did KA try to save MF in the end? why did MF kill his mom but want vengeance for his dad? why did they kill jim carrey's character off so fast, and what happened to the dog? of all things why the 'sick stick"? that was SO STUPID. the entire movie was just terrible and a joke. the first one was amazing the 2nd one was as dumb and ridiculous as they could have made it. if you want to see hitgirl kiss HS b*tches a** and a stupid plot go then
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