All the Fun of the First, But Cage is Missed

By Geek Soul Brother
Written August 16, 2013
Fun, Violent and Fun again. If you like the first KICK-ASS, you should like this one also. But I have to say that Nicolas Cage added something to the original. His oddball parenting was missed. On the other hand, Jim Cary as Colonel Stars and Stripes was enjoyable. Chloe was given much more emotional room as struggling teen. Taylor-Johnson was good, but I still feel he's a mis-cast. Mintz-Plasse was convincing as a whinny rich wanna-be super-villain. And I liked Chestnut as surrogate father of Hit-Girl, though his character was naive to some of the teen-killer's tricks. Directing was decent. No slow moments that I can recall. Leguizamo had a nice role, and the supporting cast did their jobs in general. But Olga Kurkulina as Mother Russia stole the show a couple times. Wouldn't want to meet her in any dark ally. Filmmakers added some emotional beats to the story, but I don't think they brought anything that out did the first. GEEK SOUL BROTHER gives it 3.75 OUT OF 5 COSMIC AFROS.
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Not as good as the first, but worth a watch.

By qdaw99
Written October 19, 2013
Kick ***2 reminds us of the sophomore slump musicians experience. They put out that first great album that you can't stop playing then that second album comes along and you feel like it was rushed and of less quality than the first. Kick ***2 had that feeling in some regards. There was more action than the first and more comedy but it left me feeling like I wanted more. I'd still say go see it, but I just don't want you to get your hopes up too high.
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Realistic Super Hero Movie

By Sekhargss
Written August 31, 2016
Although i enjoy watching Super hero movies with beyond human abilities, this movie and it's preceding part are the most realistic super hero movies. The movie has humor all around, action and the concept is aptly focused till the end.
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Just Fun Enough

By Garconbleu
Written August 27, 2016
It was of course good.. and it was of course over the top... but was it amazing? Kinda... in a place where the main character's arc is less interesting than all his supporting characters it could seem like this movie might have failed, but to be honest. This movie was really about hit girl. Though possibly trite, it was the more interesting story. The sad leanings of the main antagonist yielded some pretty funny moments. Was it alright? Yes. Was it entertaining? Yes. Was it the same amazing thrill ride? I'll say that it was just fun enough.
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By Roninidas
Written April 06, 2017
It was a really fun movie.; definitely worth the time and effort to check out. Hit Girl for me stole the show, but I am always impressed with how well they stick to reality, while keeping it fun and entertaining.
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