• Released
  • September 19, 2014
  • (Limited; Hindi with English subtitles)
  • 2 hr 10 min
Khoobsurat Synopsis
A vibrant, hopelessly romantic physiotherapist meets a handsome young Rajput prince who is the complete opposite of her – and is engaged to someone else.

Movie Reviews

worth the money!!

By moneyhi06
Aft a long time, u watched a decent Hindi movie. . it's urban Hum Aap ke Kaun......


By saifeek

Please don't insult the average viewer's intelligence!

By mahvishq
So I went with low expectations but was still highly disappointed. Comedy are hard because it takes much more to make an audience laugh and the jokes were few and far between. Perhaps more screen...

Loved it!

By nabihahhossain
For the kind of e that Khoobsurat is (I.e. A Rom-Com), it's totally worth a watch! It has all the elements of a good Rom-Com. It leaves you laughing and giggling throughout and there's definitely the...

Very nice movie!! Worth watching..

By sanket26

Perfect date night movie

By parmeetmini
Bouncy, fun and bright!! Very fun watch. My husband and I loved it. :)...

By anoopkohli
dresses that sonam wore were pathetic. she is shown as a misfit in noble culture, but come on how weird can a girl be....

Dont think twice!!!

By humahere
I was skeptical when one of my friend insisted me to go with her watch this movie. I don't have patience to sit for 2 and half hour, watch silly testosterone driven men chasing girls in long songs....


By Kirnimai
Light hearted romantic comedy. All characters performed to perfection. Fawad was absolutely fabulous!...

By Infamous_kj
A little different due to many inside thoughts from both main characters about one another, which made it very interesting....