Kevin Sorbo


From battling mythical creatures of Greek legend to traveling the universe in an attempt to rebuild a fallen civilization, prolific television actor Kevin Sorbo has proven himself equally adept at thrilling audiences, transporting them to faraway lands, and even keeping them doubled over with laughter.

It was his role as the all-powerful son of Zeus in 1994's Hercules and the Amazon Women that originally propelled the strapping Minnesota native into the spotlight, and after reprising the role in no less than four subsequent made-for-television movies, Sorbo settled into the role for a four-year run on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys in 1995. Though his heroic persona failed to translate to the big screen when the 1997 fantasy adventure Kull the Conqueror tanked at the box office, Sorbo continued to thrill television viewers by reprising his role as Hercules on two episodes of Xena: Warrior Princess. While occasional guest appearances in such popular sitcoms as Just Shoot Me, Dharma & Greg, and According to Jim proved that Sorbo wasn't just another pretty face but a surprisingly adept comedic talent as well, it was in a fantasy context that Sorbo truly shined, and in 2000 he set out for a five-year trip to the stars in Andromeda. After that series drew to a close in 2005, Sorbo could be seen in episodes of Two and a Half Men and The O.C. before swinging a stick at small-town injustice in Walking Tall 2 and 3. He went on to appear in the comedy An American Carol, Meet the Spartans, What If…, Soul Surfer, and 2012's FDR: American Badass.

When he's not busy acting, Sorbo also acts as the spokesman for "A World Fit for Kids" -- a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children at risk of dropping out of school, dealing drugs, and joining street gangs. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

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