Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers Premiere Party Q&A Synopsis
Fathom Events, SpectiCast, Invincible Pictures and SModCo bring Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers Premiere Party, featuring behind-the-scenes footage and a post-event Q&A with director Kevin Smith and cast members, to select cinemas nationwide.

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An askew view on a kids movie.

By darkcarnivaldruid
I went in expecting Tusk, but Kevin Smith has taught me again to never expect anything specific from him. He will always surprise you. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Plenty of inside jokes...

It's not a Sausage Party

By cliffordparmeter
This was a really fun film. something totally different and clearly a labor of love. Harley and Lily really deliver and have a great screen chemistry. It's just a couple of girls saving the day and...

Truly exceptional

By s3ankaye1987
I loved this movie in all its entirety! It makes me very excited for the finale "MOOSE JAWS". Already counting down the days....

it's a Clerks for teenage girls! Eh!

By antho jay
I had a lot of fun seeing this. was really happy I found out aboot it....

Yoga Hosers rock!

By Bigjay2007


By JumpMaster30
Weird but fun, go see it....

Dumb and amazing

By nbeagle86
Like I said it's dumb but awsome...

Enjoyed every mOOment!

By davidfranco1414
Yoga Hosers was a movie I didn't realize I wanted. Kevin Smith and his hilariously twisted mind delivered a comedy that can be loved by all ages! Not only that, but I will never get tired of hearing...


By fukutopia
This film will never be part of the Criterion Collection, but I have a feeling that if you have any knowledge of Kevin Smith’s filmography you would know that going in. Yoga Hosers takes place in the...

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