So Funny!

By moonme427
Written February 03, 2012
I LOVE Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes! We have been listening to his podcasts and internet radio shows for years (well the radio shows have not been on for years...) I knew I would have a good time at this show, what I didn't know is how much fun! Listening and enjoying the podcasts for so long and then seeing how physical some of the comedy is just put it over the top! My son said he now wishes he could see all the podcasts he has listened to because he thinks he has missed so much! It was disappointing in a way that the theater we went to started late so we missed part of the beginning. It was also disappointing that there was less than 20 of us in the theater but having so few of us there it was more intimate and we all had fun! I would go to another Kevin Smith event in a heartbeat! My son feels the same way and is hoping that they do a Babble On show like this in the future.
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Kevin Smith ~ Live From Behind

By lynaberry
Written February 06, 2012
It was hilarious! I liked the 1st part & the q & a. Glad to hear about the new on going projects. I wouldn't want to miss them when they come out.
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Very funny!

By lpalmer41
Written February 04, 2012
I have been wanting to go to Los Angeles to see a live recording of this podcast but could not afford the trip. But I was able to drive just 20 minutes to the local theater, have a great time and see the show. My desire to see the show was satisfied for just $15 instead of a trip that would have cost me close to $500!
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If you like Kevin Smith

By ptorbett
Written February 03, 2012
The podcast was really funny. The q&A portion wasnt as good as the ones in the Evening with series, but that is the power of editing...
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Great Fun And Filled With Laughter.

By Alon Patterson
Written February 03, 2012
What's wrong with a little righteous honesty now and again? No matter the purpose, it's a healthy thing for one to vent. And that's just what Jay and Bob did this evening, as usual, along with making everyone in the rooms across the continent laugh to tears. This was a wonderful 3 hours of laughs, stories and answers to many fan questions. It wasn't scripted, naturally, which made for even more of a connection between audience and players. Even though this was a special event, should you ever have the opportunity to spend a few hours in the company of Smith and friends, likely you'll leave a better person for the experience. And if you ever get a chance to relive the recording made of this evening, it's definitely worth a view and lots of laughter, laughter with real people just like us, just being themselves.
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