Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers Premiere Party Q&A Synopsis
Fathom Events, SpectiCast, Invincible Pictures and SModCo bring Kevin Smith’s Yoga Hosers Premiere Party, featuring behind-the-scenes footage and a post-event Q&A with director Kevin Smith and cast members, to select cinemas nationwide.

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It's not a Sausage Party

By cliffordparmeter
This was a really fun film. something totally different and clearly a labor of love. Harley and Lily really deliver and have a great screen chemistry. It's just a couple of girls saving the day and...

it's a Clerks for teenage girls! Eh!

By antho jay
I had a lot of fun seeing this. was really happy I found out aboot it....

An askew view on a kids movie.

By darkcarnivaldruid
I went in expecting Tusk, but Kevin Smith has taught me again to never expect anything specific from him. He will always surprise you. I couldn't stop laughing the whole time. Plenty of inside jokes...

Truly exceptional

By s3ankaye1987
I loved this movie in all its entirety! It makes me very excited for the finale "MOOSE JAWS". Already counting down the days....

Yoga Hosers rock!

By Bigjay2007

Enjoyed every mOOment!

By davidfranco1414
Yoga Hosers was a movie I didn't realize I wanted. Kevin Smith and his hilariously twisted mind delivered a comedy that can be loved by all ages! Not only that, but I will never get tired of hearing...

Dumb and amazing

By nbeagle86
Like I said it's dumb but awsome...


By JumpMaster30
Weird but fun, go see it....


By fukutopia
This film will never be part of the Criterion Collection, but I have a feeling that if you have any knowledge of Kevin Smith’s filmography you would know that going in. Yoga Hosers takes place in the...

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