Kill Yourself

By csweet79
Written July 03, 2013
Kevin is as expected the funniest comic on the mic... Only thing id that it takes a few minutes in the beginning for the Movie to get to the stage
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Better than I expected!

By Mornstar88
Written July 04, 2013
If you're a Kevin Hart fan or you just wanna laugh out loud go see this. The bad language is a little high, but still very funny!
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Written July 08, 2013
I went to see Kevin Hart's movie Heat. I do like Kevin and think he is very funny, however their was to much cursing in this movie. This movie is not for kids, or for adults that are Christians like myself.
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A Must See!

By sherri507
Written July 05, 2013
Kevin Hart is really doing his thing with his career. I took my son and we laughed and enjoy the beginning to end, what a treat on my day off. I will definitely support all of his movies. I worked with his mother for years and have met Kevin before the "celebrity status" developed and she would be very proud of her son.
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Thoroughly enjoyable

By svmcpherson
Written July 09, 2013
I went to see this film yesterday with a friend and we were both dying in our seats. The intro was unique and I loved his showmanship. Definitely a must go.
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