Kevin Hart good job

By NeSeeJay
Written July 08, 2013
Kevin did a good job. We in the African American community are very proud of his accomplishments and will continue to support him. In my opinion, this was a funny movie but I really enjoyed 2012 Laugh At My Pain more. I think Kevin was a little nervous because what he was doing on stage has only been done by a few and he pulled it off. Good Job Kevin Hart thanks for sharing your comedy and giving us all something to laugh at when we really need a good laugh in life. SolJornah
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Must Go! laugh till you cry; side-splitting funny!

By reviewbeatz
Written July 06, 2013
If you seen Real Husbands of Hollywood on BETV or Act Like a Lady Think Like a Man in the movies, you know how funny Kevin Hart is. In this part documentary-part stand-up film, you will see Kevin Hart doing what he does best. This film does not disappoint. Kevin Hart has shown time and again that he shines whether part of an ensemble cast or in starring role. Hart is surely on his way to becoming one of the legends of comedy. You will laugh until you cry. Hart is also very open, vulnerable, human, authentic. This is a must see if you are fan of Kevin Hart, of comedy, of what it means to succeed and realize your dreams.
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I cried laughing!! But could have had more for sure

By lkidd464
Written July 08, 2013
When the movie started, I was concerned I'd be disappointed. The whole intro is kind of just filler, like you could tell they needed to get to 1 hour and 15 minutes. BUT Once the intro is done and Kevin Hart comes out to do his stand up - SOOOO FUNNY!! I was laughing out loud and completely crying in my seat. The Bum Bump - hilarious. His divorce - also hilarious. I really, really enjoyed the stand up act. So, probably not worth the $12 I paid since this will be equally great on HBO or Comedy Central. BUT it was exactly what I needed at the time and i loved it. Very funny.
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Never Laughed So Hard!!

By qtpooh83
Written July 07, 2013
I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at the movies. I was almost in tears. I would definitely go see it again before it hits DVD!! Kevin Hart is a fool!
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Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain.

By Kiki11974
Written July 08, 2013
If you are expecting laugh out loud funny, you won't find it here. . The movie is filled with lame jokes that result in some chuckles here and there. Don't do if you are expecting the same type of laughter that Eddie Murphy delivered in his stand up films. I want Kevin Hart to explain how I can get a refund Wait for Netflix !
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