Had me dying laughing!

By vincentgarrett
Written August 28, 2015
He was really funny in this movie and I'm not his biggest fan, but it did leave me wanting for more. It is one his best show to date if you ask me! He is steadily improving his craft and coming into his own! I enjoyed the skit in the beginning too! He has become a worldwide sensation using social media to catapult him into the stratosphere! Truly amazing story and though he isn't my favorite comedian, I respect his hustle! I also enjoyed the stage production as well. They did a good job with the pyrotechnics! And even though it was kinda short, it was cheaper then going to see him at Madison Square Garden and I felt like I was there, so the $8 ticket wasn't too much.
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KEVIN had be crying

By kokoa66
Written August 30, 2015
Kevin Hart was funny and I laughed til I cried and then at the end I cried again. I am happy for him and all his success! He deserves! Thanks for making us laugh K. Hart!
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best comedy of the year

By ilovemyalgs
Written September 01, 2015
this movie is the best movie i've seen, best movie of the summer best movie of the year, Kevin Hart is one of the greats happy birthday Kevin Hart
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Kevin Hart's Let Me Explain

By marquitakennedy
Written August 29, 2015
This movie was The Bomb-Dot-Com! My 17-year old son & I attended a Celebration of Life earlier in the day for the loss of his father & this was our breathe of fresh air after the storm. He enjoys the comedy of Kevin Hart & so do I. This movie gave us a moment to cry tears of laughter & joy. Even the small video clips, after the movie, were quite amusing. On our way home, I decided to have a Family Movie Night to include my two younger daughters in our humbling experience as well. Keep using your talent to bless others with joy & happiness Mr. Kevin Hart! Kudos to you, Sir! ;-)
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The real deal

By kmlshscott
Written August 01, 2014
I went last night with a few friends & my sis & I wish my man was there because some of the situations which he spoke on was so true. Been a fan since day 1. Kevin Hart is now behind the legends.turn up.....
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