Good Show - Birmingham AL Represented

By melvatate
Written August 25, 2016
The house was packed for the opening weekend of Let Me Explain. The energy was high with anticipation of belly rolling laughs. Overall, the movie / show was Good. I could have done without the time used to dispel the LAB - label (you've got to see the movie to understand). Didn't need to see scenes from every international show. I believed you!!! My favorite part - Bum Bump. Congrats Kevin and prayers for your continued success!!!! P.S. Adults Only. Wish people would stop bringing their toddlers to adult shows!!!! This was not a Disney production!!!
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A Must See!

By sherri507
Written September 25, 2016
Kevin Hart is really doing his thing with his career. I took my son and we laughed and enjoy the beginning to end, what a treat on my day off. I will definitely support all of his movies. I worked with his mother for years and have met Kevin before the "celebrity status" developed and she would be very proud of her son.
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Kevin Hart - Let Me Explain

By rl3
Written August 27, 2016
OUTSTANDING!!! I really liked this movie Funny, poignant, inspiring, great fun for adults! Kevin Hart is true to his style and comedy. He brings it in a new set. He keeps it going with anecdotes that are real and not kept in the forefront of our minds until he tells his story! I enjoyed the whole experience and would do it again. Kevin is great!!! ...even his show of emotion at the end.
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Good Laughs

By tracyawillis
Written May 04, 2016
Outside of the poor experience with the Cinemark Theater at The Pike, it was great entertainment. Kevin covered topics that hit close to home, which made the movie hilarious!
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Kevin Hart good job

By NeSeeJay
Written July 08, 2013
Kevin did a good job. We in the African American community are very proud of his accomplishments and will continue to support him. In my opinion, this was a funny movie but I really enjoyed 2012 Laugh At My Pain more. I think Kevin was a little nervous because what he was doing on stage has only been done by a few and he pulled it off. Good Job Kevin Hart thanks for sharing your comedy and giving us all something to laugh at when we really need a good laugh in life. SolJornah
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