Kevin Dorman

Worked With

Year Name Title
2009 Stephen Lang Avatar
2009 Giovanni Ribisi Avatar
2009 CCH Pounder Avatar
2009 Sigourney Weaver Avatar
2007 Anthony Hopkins Beowulf
2007 Brendan Gleeson Beowulf
2007 Crispin Glover Beowulf
2007 Robin Wright Penn Beowulf
2007 Ray Winstone Beowulf
2007 Angelina Jolie Beowulf
2007 John Malkovich Beowulf
2005 Ewan McGregor The Island
2005 Scarlett Johansson The Island
2005 Michael Clarke Duncan The Island
2005 Djimon Hounsou The Island
2005 Sean Bean The Island
2005 Steve Buscemi The Island
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