Kevin Corrigan
Date of Birth
Mar 27, 1969

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Giovanni Ribisi Results
2015 Guy Pearce Results
2015 Anthony Michael Hall Results
2014 Ethan Hawke Cymbeline
2014 Ed Harris Cymbeline
2014 Vondie Curtis-Hall Cymbeline
2014 Bill Pullman Cymbeline
2014 Delroy Lindo Cymbeline
2014 John Leguizamo Cymbeline
2014 William Hurt Winter's Tale
2014 Colin Farrell Winter's Tale
2014 Eva Marie Saint Winter's Tale
2014 Graham Greene Winter's Tale
2014 Will Smith Winter's Tale
2014 Russell Crowe Winter's Tale
2014 Jennifer Connelly Winter's Tale
2013 Tim Robbins Life of Crime
2013 Jennifer Aniston Life of Crime
2013 Raphael Sbarge Necessary Roughness: Good Will Haunting
2012 Sacha Baron Cohen The Dictator
2012 Chris Elliott The Dictator
2012 Ben Kingsley The Dictator
2012 Elijah Wood Revenge for Jolly!
2012 Colin Farrell Seven Psychopaths
2012 Zeljko Ivanek Seven Psychopaths
2012 Woody Harrelson Seven Psychopaths
2012 Michael Pitt Seven Psychopaths
2012 Tom Waits Seven Psychopaths
2012 Sam Rockwell Seven Psychopaths
2012 Christopher Walken Seven Psychopaths
2012 Harry Dean Stanton Seven Psychopaths
2011 Annabeth Gish The Chaperone
2010 Liam Neeson The Next Three Days
2010 Daniel Stern The Next Three Days
2010 Brian Dennehy The Next Three Days
2010 Russell Crowe The Next Three Days
2010 Denzel Washington Unstoppable
2009 Michael Rapaport Big Fan
2009 Dee Wallace The Mother of Invention
2009 Vincent D'Onofrio The New Tenants
2009 Madhur Jaffrey Today's Special
2008 Kevin Kline Definitely, Maybe
2008 Rachel Weisz Definitely, Maybe
2008 Henry Thomas Don't Look Up
2008 Lothaire Bluteau Don't Look Up
2008 Rosie Perez Pineapple Express
2008 Gary Cole Pineapple Express
2008 Ed Begley, Jr. Pineapple Express
2008 Mary Kay Place The Toe Tactic
2008 Jane Lynch The Toe Tactic
2008 Eli Wallach The Toe Tactic
2008 John Sayles The Toe Tactic
2007 Armand Assante American Gangster
2007 Josh Brolin American Gangster
2007 Russell Crowe American Gangster
2007 Cuba Gooding, Jr. American Gangster
2007 Ruby Dee American Gangster
2007 Carla Gugino American Gangster
2007 Clarence Williams III American Gangster
2007 Denzel Washington American Gangster
2007 Jon Polito American Gangster
2007 Ted Levine American Gangster
2007 Joe Morton American Gangster
2006 Michael Pitt Delirious
2006 Steve Buscemi Delirious
2006 Gina Gershon Delirious
2006 Jack Nicholson The Departed
2006 Ray Winstone The Departed
2006 Mark Wahlberg The Departed
2006 Matt Damon The Departed
2006 Leonardo DiCaprio The Departed
2006 Martin Sheen The Departed
2006 Alec Baldwin The Departed
2006 Giovanni Ribisi The Dog Problem
2006 Don Cheadle The Dog Problem
2006 Scott Caan The Dog Problem
2006 William Baldwin Feel
2006 Ron Perlman The Last Winter
2006 James LeGros The Last Winter
2005 Seymour Cassel Lonesome Jim
2005 Liv Tyler Lonesome Jim
2005 Mary Kay Place Lonesome Jim
2004 Will Ferrell Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
2004 Stephen Root Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
2004 Vince Vaughn Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
2004 Paul Rudd Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
2004 Fred Willard Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
2004 Christina Applegate Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
2004 Steve Carell Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy
2004 Donal Logue Grounded for Life: Season 05
2004 Steven Weber SEXual Life
2004 James LeGros SEXual Life
2004 Anne Heche SEXual Life
2004 Shirley Knight SEXual Life
2003 Eric Roberts Break a Leg
2003 Jennifer Beals Break a Leg
2003 Molly Parker Break a Leg
2003 Sandra Oh Break a Leg
2003 Donal Logue Grounded for Life: Season 04
2002 Donal Logue Grounded for Life: Season 03
2001 Vincent Schiavelli American Saint
2001 Steve Zahn Chelsea Walls
2001 Harris Yulin Chelsea Walls
2001 Marisa Tomei Chelsea Walls
2001 Tuesday Weld Chelsea Walls
2001 Uma Thurman Chelsea Walls
2001 Christopher Walken Chelsea Walls
2001 Frank Whaley Chelsea Walls
2001 Natasha Richardson Chelsea Walls
2001 Robert Sean Leonard Chelsea Walls
2001 Vincent D'Onofrio Chelsea Walls
2001 John Seitz Chelsea Walls
2001 Kris Kristofferson Chelsea Walls
2001 Donal Logue Grounded for Life: Season 01
2001 Donal Logue Grounded for Life: Season 02
2001 Maura Tierney Scotland, PA
2001 James LeGros Scotland, PA
2001 Christopher Walken Scotland, PA
2000 Salma Hayek Chain of Fools
2000 Steve Zahn Chain of Fools
2000 Elijah Wood Chain of Fools
2000 Lara Flynn Boyle Chain of Fools
2000 Jeff Goldblum Chain of Fools
2000 David Hyde Pierce Chain of Fools
2000 Michael Rapaport Chain of Fools
2000 Tom Wilkinson Chain of Fools
2000 Kevin Pollak Steal This Movie
2000 Donal Logue Steal This Movie
2000 Jeanne Tripplehorn Steal This Movie
2000 Janeane Garofalo Steal This Movie
2000 Vincent D'Onofrio Steal This Movie
1999 Spalding Gray Coming Soon
1999 Peter Bogdanovich Coming Soon
1999 Ryan O'Neal Coming Soon
1999 Mia Farrow Coming Soon
1998 Valerie Perrine Brown's Requiem
1998 Michael Rooker Brown's Requiem
1998 Harold Gould Brown's Requiem
1998 Brion James Brown's Requiem
1998 Brad Dourif Brown's Requiem
1998 Christopher Meloni Brown's Requiem
1998 Vincent Gallo Buffalo '66
1998 Mickey Rourke Buffalo '66
1998 Christina Ricci Buffalo '66
1998 Anjelica Huston Buffalo '66
1998 Ben Gazzara Buffalo '66
1998 Rosanna Arquette Buffalo '66
1998 Andre Braugher Homicide: Life on the Street: Fallen Heroes, Part 1
1998 Yaphet Kotto Homicide: Life on the Street: Fallen Heroes, Part 1
1998 Richard Belzer Homicide: Life on the Street: Fallen Heroes, Part 1
1998 Gina Gershon Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Vanessa Redgrave Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Willem Dafoe Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Mira Sorvino Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Harvey Keitel Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Mandy Patinkin Lulu On The Bridge
1998 Alan Arkin Slums of Beverly Hills
1998 Carl Reiner Slums of Beverly Hills
1998 Jessica Walter Slums of Beverly Hills
1998 Rita Moreno Slums of Beverly Hills
1998 Marisa Tomei Slums of Beverly Hills
1997 Parker Posey Henry Fool
1997 Burt Young Kicked in the Head
1997 James Woods Kicked in the Head
1997 Linda Fiorentino Kicked in the Head
1997 Michael Rapaport Kicked in the Head
1997 Lili Taylor Kicked in the Head
1996 Lili Taylor Illtown
1996 Isaac Hayes Illtown
1996 Michael Rapaport Illtown
1996 Michael Imperioli Trees Lounge
1996 Carol Kane Trees Lounge
1996 Anthony LaPaglia Trees Lounge
1996 Samuel L. Jackson Trees Lounge
1996 Seymour Cassel Trees Lounge
1996 Chloë Sevigny Trees Lounge
1996 Mimi Rogers Trees Lounge
1996 Steve Buscemi Trees Lounge
1996 Catherine Keener Walking and Talking
1996 Liev Schreiber Walking and Talking
1996 Todd Field Walking and Talking
1996 Anne Heche Walking and Talking
1995 Tchéky Karyo Bad Boys
1995 Will Smith Bad Boys
1995 Michael Imperioli Bad Boys
1995 Marg Helgenberger Bad Boys
1995 Téa Leoni Bad Boys
1995 Martin Lawrence Bad Boys
1995 Joe Pantoliano Bad Boys
1995 Nicolas Cage Kiss of Death
1995 Kathryn Erbe Kiss of Death
1995 Stanley Tucci Kiss of Death
1995 Ving Rhames Kiss of Death
1995 Hope Davis Kiss of Death
1995 Michael Rapaport Kiss of Death
1995 David Caruso Kiss of Death
1995 Anne Meara Kiss of Death
1995 Samuel L. Jackson Kiss of Death
1995 Philip Baker Hall Kiss of Death
1995 Helen Hunt Kiss of Death
1995 James LeGros Living in Oblivion
1995 Dermot Mulroney Living in Oblivion
1995 Steve Buscemi Living in Oblivion
1995 Catherine Keener Living in Oblivion
1994 Paul Rodriguez Rhythm Thief
1993 Aida Turturro The Saint of Fort Washington
1993 Ving Rhames The Saint of Fort Washington
1993 Danny Glover The Saint of Fort Washington
1993 Matt Dillon The Saint of Fort Washington
1993 Saul Rubinek True Romance
1993 James Gandolfini True Romance
1993 Conchata Ferrell True Romance
1993 Patricia Arquette True Romance
1993 Val Kilmer True Romance
1993 Gary Oldman True Romance
1993 Samuel L. Jackson True Romance
1993 Tom Sizemore True Romance
1993 Bronson Pinchot True Romance
1993 Chris Penn True Romance
1993 Michael Rapaport True Romance
1993 Brad Pitt True Romance
1993 Dennis Hopper True Romance
1993 Christopher Walken True Romance
1993 Christian Slater True Romance
1992 Jeffrey Wright Jumpin' at the Boneyard
1992 Tim Roth Jumpin' at the Boneyard
1992 Samuel L. Jackson Jumpin' at the Boneyard
1992 Luis Guzman Jumpin' at the Boneyard
1992 Helen Shaver Zebrahead
1992 Michael Rapaport Zebrahead
1992 Ray Sharkey Zebrahead
1991 Steven Hill Billy Bathgate
1991 Robert Kramer Billy Bathgate
1991 Dustin Hoffman Billy Bathgate
1991 Steve Buscemi Billy Bathgate
1991 Nicole Kidman Billy Bathgate
1991 Moira Kelly Billy Bathgate
1991 Stanley Tucci Billy Bathgate
1991 Bruce Willis Billy Bathgate
1991 Vondie Curtis-Hall One Good Cop
1991 Rene Russo One Good Cop
1991 Benjamin Bratt One Good Cop
1991 Michael Keaton One Good Cop
1991 Kevin Conway One Good Cop
1991 Rachel Ticotin One Good Cop
1991 Abe Vigoda One Good Cop
1991 Anthony LaPaglia One Good Cop
1990 Henny Youngman GoodFellas
1990 Vincent Gallo GoodFellas
1990 Frank Vincent GoodFellas
1990 Joe Pesci GoodFellas
1990 Paul Sorvino GoodFellas
1990 Samuel L. Jackson GoodFellas
1990 Illeana Douglas GoodFellas
1990 Lorraine Bracco GoodFellas
1990 Robert De Niro GoodFellas
1990 Michael Imperioli GoodFellas
1990 Ray Liotta GoodFellas
1989 Jack Gold Lost Angels
1989 John C. McGinley Lost Angels
1989 Frances Fisher Lost Angels
1989 Max Perlich Lost Angels
1989 Donald Sutherland Lost Angels
1989 Kevin Tighe Lost Angels
1989 Kathy Bates Men Don't Leave
1989 Joan Cusack Men Don't Leave
1989 Jessica Lange Men Don't Leave
1989 Arliss Howard Men Don't Leave
1989 Tom Mason Men Don't Leave
1989 Chris O'Donnell Men Don't Leave
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