Kevin Connolly
Date of Birth
Mar 05, 1974
Birth Place:
New York, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2015 Scott Caan Entourage
2015 Billy Bob Thornton Entourage
2015 Kevin Dillon Entourage
2013 Danny Aiello Reach Me
2013 Cary Elwes Reach Me
2013 Kyra Sedgwick Reach Me
2012 Robert Forster Hotel Noir
2012 Mandy Moore Hotel Noir
2012 Rufus Sewell Hotel Noir
2012 Danny DeVito Hotel Noir
2012 Carla Gugino Hotel Noir
2011 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 08
2011 Edward Burns Vietnam in HD
2011 Michael C. Hall Vietnam in HD
2011 Dylan McDermott Vietnam in HD
2010 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 07
2010 Gary Cole Entourage: Season 07
2010 Diane Lane Secretariat
2010 Scott Glenn Secretariat
2010 John Malkovich Secretariat
2010 Fred Dalton Thompson Secretariat
2010 James Cromwell Secretariat
2010 Dylan Baker Secretariat
2010 Lindsay Lohan Teenage Paparazzo
2010 Rosie O'Donnell Teenage Paparazzo
2010 Matt Damon Teenage Paparazzo
2010 Martin Landau Teenage Paparazzo
2010 Whoopi Goldberg Teenage Paparazzo
2009 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 06
2009 Gary Cole Entourage: Season 06
2009 Ben Affleck He's Just Not That Into You
2009 Jennifer Connelly He's Just Not That Into You
2009 Scarlett Johansson He's Just Not That Into You
2009 Drew Barrymore He's Just Not That Into You
2009 Kris Kristofferson He's Just Not That Into You
2009 Jennifer Aniston He's Just Not That Into You
2009 John Michael Higgins The Ugly Truth
2008 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 05
2007 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 04
2006 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 03
2005 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 02
2004 Kevin Dillon Entourage [TV Series]
2004 Kevin Dillon Entourage: Season 01
2004 Gena Rowlands The Notebook
2004 Ryan Gosling The Notebook
2004 Sam Shepard The Notebook
2004 Joan Allen The Notebook
2004 James Garner The Notebook
2002 Denzel Washington Antwone Fisher
2002 Viola Davis Antwone Fisher
2002 Denzel Washington John Q.
2002 Robert Duvall John Q.
2002 James Woods John Q.
2002 Anne Heche John Q.
2002 Ray Liotta John Q.
2001 Tobey Maguire Don's Plum
2001 Leonardo DiCaprio Don's Plum
2000 Robert Townsend Up, Up and Away
1995 Lawrence Pressman Angus
1995 Kathy Bates Angus
1995 Rita Moreno Angus
1995 George C. Scott Angus
1995 Irvin Kershner Angus
1993 Lily Tomlin The Beverly Hillbillies
1993 Buddy Ebsen The Beverly Hillbillies
1993 Dolly Parton The Beverly Hillbillies
1993 Jim Varney The Beverly Hillbillies
1993 Dabney Coleman The Beverly Hillbillies
1993 Robert Easton The Beverly Hillbillies
1993 Cloris Leachman The Beverly Hillbillies
1993 Lea Thompson The Beverly Hillbillies
1993 Erika Eleniak The Beverly Hillbillies
1992 Lukas Haas Alan and Naomi
1990 Burgess Meredith Rocky V
1990 Talia Shire Rocky V
1990 Burt Young Rocky V
1990 Michael Pataki Rocky V
1990 Sylvester Stallone Rocky V
1990 Lloyd Kaufman Rocky V
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