Kenshin Part I: Origin Synopsis
When the sadistic drug lord Kanryu threatens the beautiful kendo instructor Kaoru, Kenshin can no longer stand idly by. Together with his street fighter comrade Sanosuke, Kenshin sets his sights on a showdown with Kanryu and his deadly henchmen.

Movie Reviews

Kenshin Origin: Part 1

Great movie!!!!...

Captures the essence of RK

By dgillustrations
Beautiful film with glorious cinematography, direction, and fight choreography....

Best real life anime!

By cooltom112
This was probably the best real life anime I've seen. Also the movie goes closely related to the anime unlike other real life anime I've seen....

Wildly Entertaining

By Pma1
I can't say that enough about this live action series, after reviewing the second movie, I just had to come back and praise the first! Flop after flop after flop, we've all left live action movies...


By aceofbaseball
Loved everything about the film until the final dramatic scene....

Very good

By chainmail
I really enjoyed this movie to the point that I would pay to see it again....


By sebman59
that was amazing...

Great Live Action Adaptation

By lengel2001
I really enjoyed it. Rurouni Kenshin is one of my favorite anime and one of the first that got me into anime. I really enjoyed it because of this. Stays true to the anime but changes it to fit a...

Loved it

By heatherrigal
Honestly, I feel the director tried to keep with the spirit of the show and manga. The characters were on point and the only thing, I felt, was lacking was some of the background and interaction...

Best anime adaptation ever

By kaoredono
I love the whole cast, the action and the plot.. This one of the best anime live action movie adaption ever. I can watch it over and over again ????????...

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Rated NR