Kenneth Tigar

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Jerzy Skolimowski Marvel's The Avengers
2012 Harry Dean Stanton Marvel's The Avengers
2012 Mark Ruffalo Marvel's The Avengers
2012 Paul Bettany Marvel's The Avengers
2012 Scarlett Johansson Marvel's The Avengers
2012 Stellan Skarsgård Marvel's The Avengers
2012 Powers Boothe Marvel's The Avengers
2012 Jenny Agutter Marvel's The Avengers
2012 Robert Downey, Jr. Marvel's The Avengers
2012 Gwyneth Paltrow Marvel's The Avengers
2012 Samuel L. Jackson Marvel's The Avengers
2003 Casey Siemaszko NYPD Blue: Arrested Development
2002 Paul Winfield Touched by an Angel: Remembering Me, Part 1
1998 Carrie Snodgress ER: A Hole in the Heart
1998 James LeGros ER: A Hole in the Heart
1998 James LeGros ER: Suffer the Little Children
1998 Amanda Wyss ER: Suffer the Little Children
1998 Swoosie Kurtz ER: Suffer the Little Children
1997 John Savage Hollywood Safari
1997 Jeff Fahey The Underground
1996 David Ogden Stiers Murder, She Wrote: Death by Demographics
1996 Laura Linney Primal Fear
1996 Andre Braugher Primal Fear
1996 John Mahoney Primal Fear
1996 Richard Gere Primal Fear
1996 Frances McDormand Primal Fear
1996 Alfre Woodard Primal Fear
1996 Terry O'Quinn Primal Fear
1996 Maura Tierney Primal Fear
1996 Edward Norton Primal Fear
1996 Clarence Williams III Primal Fear
1995 Sid Caesar The Great Mom Swap
1995 Valerie Harper The Great Mom Swap
1995 Richard Crenna Jade
1995 Chazz Palminteri Jade
1995 Kevin Tighe Jade
1995 Michael Biehn Jade
1995 Linda Fiorentino Jade
1995 David Caruso Jade
1994 Lisa Kudrow Mad About You: The Tape
1993 Dr. Haing S. Ngor My Life
1993 Michael Constantine My Life
1993 Jane Jenkins My Life
1993 Richard Schiff My Life
1993 Nicole Kidman My Life
1993 Michael Keaton My Life
1993 Lee Garlington My Life
1993 Queen Latifah My Life
1992 Rene Russo Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Joe Pesci Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Danny Glover Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Lauren Shuler-Donner Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon 3
1992 Jan de Bont Lethal Weapon 3
1991 John Bentley Law & Order: God Bless the Child
1991 James Noble Law & Order: God Bless the Child
1991 Henderson Forsythe Law & Order: God Bless the Child
1991 Caroline Aaron Law & Order: God Bless the Child
1990 Angela Bassett In the Best Interest of the Child
1990 Ed Begley, Jr. In the Best Interest of the Child
1990 Michael O'Keefe In the Best Interest of the Child
1990 Meg Tilly In the Best Interest of the Child
1989 David Alan Grier ALF: Wanted: Dead or Alive
1989 Gregory Sierra Growing Pains: The New Deal, Part 1
1989 Patsy Kensit Lethal Weapon 2
1989 Mel Gibson Lethal Weapon 2
1989 Joe Pesci Lethal Weapon 2
1989 Danny Glover Lethal Weapon 2
1989 Joss Ackland Lethal Weapon 2
1989 Susan Strasberg The Runnin' Kind
1989 James Cromwell The Runnin' Kind
1989 Juliette Lewis The Runnin' Kind
1988 George DiCenzo 18 Again!
1988 Bernard Fox 18 Again!
1988 Red Buttons 18 Again!
1988 George Burns 18 Again!
1988 Tony Roberts 18 Again!
1988 Anita Morris 18 Again!
1988 Hal Smith 18 Again!
1988 Dennis Haysbert Growing Pains: State of the Union
1988 James LeGros Phantasm II
1987 Gena Rowlands The Betty Ford Story
1987 Alan Oppenheimer Night Court: Her Honor, Part 4
1985 John Dehner Creator
1985 Ian Wolfe Creator
1985 Ellen Geer Creator
1985 Jeff Corey Creator
1985 Mariel Hemingway Creator
1985 Virginia Madsen Creator
1985 Peter O'Toole Creator
1985 Vincent Spano Creator
1985 David Ogden Stiers Creator
1985 Arye Gross Just One of the Guys
1985 Sherilyn Fenn Just One of the Guys
1984 Barry Corbin Fatal Vision
1984 Eva Marie Saint Fatal Vision
1984 Albert Salmi Fatal Vision
1984 Andy Griffith Fatal Vision
1984 Karl Malden Fatal Vision
1984 Gary Cole Fatal Vision
1983 Elizabeth Montgomery Missing Pieces
1983 Kurtwood Smith Missing Pieces
1983 Rosalind Cash Special Bulletin
1983 Ed Flanders Special Bulletin
1983 Michael Madsen Special Bulletin
1983 Lane Smith Special Bulletin
1983 Rob Lowe Thursday's Child
1983 Janet MacLachlan Thursday's Child
1983 Don Murray Thursday's Child
1983 Jessica Walter Thursday's Child
1983 Gena Rowlands Thursday's Child
1982 John Ritter Pray TV
1982 Mel Tormé Pray TV
1982 Jason Bernard Pray TV
1982 Richard Kiley Pray TV
1982 Ned Beatty Pray TV
1981 Wilford Brimley The Big Black Pill
1981 Veronica Cartwright The Big Black Pill
1981 Eileen Heckart The Big Black Pill
1981 JoBeth Williams The Big Black Pill
1981 Edward Winter The Big Black Pill
1981 Robert Blake The Big Black Pill
1980 William Shatner The Babysitter
1980 John Houseman The Babysitter
1980 Patty Duke The Babysitter
1980 Stephanie Zimbalist The Babysitter
1979 Kim Hunter The Golden Gate Murders
1979 David Janssen The Golden Gate Murders
1979 Susannah York The Golden Gate Murders
1979 Lloyd Bochner The Golden Gate Murders
1978 Tom Selleck The Gypsy Warriors
1978 Scott Brady The Rockford Files: Local Man Eaten by Newspaper
1977 Donald Moffat The Waltons: John's Crossroad
1975 Lynn Redgrave The Happy Hooker
1975 Tom Poston The Happy Hooker
1975 Anita Morris The Happy Hooker
1975 Elizabeth Wilson The Happy Hooker
1975 Vincent Schiavelli The Happy Hooker
1975 Jean-Pierre Aumont The Happy Hooker
1975 Conrad Janis The Happy Hooker
1975 Mason Adams The Happy Hooker
1975 Stefan Schnabel The Happy Hooker
1975 George Dzundza The Happy Hooker
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