Kenneth Hudson Campbell

Worked With

Year Name Title
2014 Dave Foley Live Nude Girls
2005 Steve Carell Bewitched
2005 Shirley MacLaine Bewitched
2005 Will Ferrell Bewitched
2005 Michael Caine Bewitched
2005 David Alan Grier Bewitched
2005 Nicole Kidman Bewitched
2005 Ed McMahon Bewitched
2004 Franka Potente Creep
2003 Roger Moore Boat Trip
2003 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Boat Trip
2003 Richard Roundtree Boat Trip
2003 Roselyn Sanchez Boat Trip
2003 Will Ferrell Boat Trip
2002 Adam Arkin Baby Bob [TV Series]
2002 Holland Taylor Baby Bob [TV Series]
2002 Elliott Gould Baby Bob [TV Series]
2002 Mos Def Showtime
2002 William Shatner Showtime
2002 Eddie Murphy Showtime
2002 Robert De Niro Showtime
2002 Rene Russo Showtime
1999 Nick Nolte Breakfast of Champions
1999 Albert Finney Breakfast of Champions
1999 Barbara Hershey Breakfast of Champions
1999 Glenne Headly Breakfast of Champions
1999 Lukas Haas Breakfast of Champions
1999 Bruce Willis Breakfast of Champions
1999 Owen Wilson Breakfast of Champions
1999 Buck Henry Breakfast of Champions
1999 Omar Epps Breakfast of Champions
1999 Will Patton Breakfast of Champions
1998 Lawrence Tierney Armageddon
1998 Billy Bob Thornton Armageddon
1998 Charlton Heston Armageddon
1998 Bruce Willis Armageddon
1998 Owen Wilson Armageddon
1998 Liv Tyler Armageddon
1998 Michael Clarke Duncan Armageddon
1998 Peter Stormare Armageddon
1998 William Fichtner Armageddon
1998 Udo Kier Armageddon
1998 Jason Isaacs Armageddon
1998 Keith David Armageddon
1998 Will Patton Armageddon
1998 Steve Buscemi Armageddon
1998 Ben Affleck Armageddon
1997 Ed Lauter Under Wraps
1996 Harry Dean Stanton Down Periscope
1996 William H. Macy Down Periscope
1996 Rip Torn Down Periscope
1996 Kelsey Grammer Down Periscope
1996 Bruce Dern Down Periscope
1990 Macaulay Culkin Home Alone
1990 Roberts Blossom Home Alone
1990 John Candy Home Alone
1990 Catherine O'Hara Home Alone
1990 John Heard Home Alone
1990 Billie Bird Home Alone
1990 Daniel Stern Home Alone
1990 Joe Pesci Home Alone
1990 Jane Jenkins Home Alone
1990 Bill Erwin Home Alone
1990 Hope Davis Home Alone
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