Keep the Lights On Synopsis
A gay filmmaker (Thure Lindhardt) and his lover (Zachary Booth) share a nine-year relationship.
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a MUST GO for anyone interested in gay relationships

By littlejimmy4
the story of two new york gay men in the late 90's is fiercely accurate, poignant and ultimately a story larger than the sexuality of its characters. this film begins with beautiful imagery, a...


By davideye
Serious, realistic portrayal of a problematic relationship. Happens to be between two men. Well written, directed, and acted....

Keep the Lights On

By holly 1 golightly
Let's hope for a "BLACKOUT"!!!!!!!!!! This has got to be the worst, dated, insulting gay movie ever to come along!!!! Considering the time span!!! they seem to be in a timewarp!!!! Visually...

too gay

By av7593959
^^^^ how ever made this...

pure crap

By Joelcrock
Two characters you won't care about. (One a crackhead, of all things) One movie that should never have been made. Just awful....

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By focus0122
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By randye
I think the movie portrays an authentic and realistic modern gay relation for many guys out there. Have I ever experience a situation such as this, but I know many who have. There is...

By ronaldfranco1
Gay or straight...this movie takes a long deep look into the inner workings and raw emotions of a long term relationship...