katy perry:part of me 3d

By cswider
Written September 27, 2014
The movie was very good except I bought tickets for the 3d version which i paid for and when I got to the theater, the time I paid for was not 3d. needless to say, not very happy with fandango this being the very first time I used fandango!
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Great movie for people of all ages!

By superjamie
Written July 24, 2014
Katy Perry Part of Me was a fabulous movie. I took my 8 year old daughter and besides a few bathroom breaks, she watched excitedly as Katy took us through her life challenges and triumphs. Katy's enthusiasm, charisma and perseverance is inspiring to all people of all ages. I'd recommend this movie to any fan!
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You'll become a bigger fan

By mattulia
Written October 02, 2014
If you like Katy Perry you will like her even more after seeing this movie.
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She's an inspiration...

By tirpak3
Written August 28, 2014
11 of us girls went to see Katy (only 2 were over age 40, 9 were teens) and we love the message so much, especially to girls: be yourself, you can do anything you can set your mind to, be strong, use your imagination, don't let any crush the kid in you, etc, etc. We know what she's going through by the words in her songs, but to actually see how hard a relationship failure is, and how she overcame the heartache, is a great message to all. Now she just needs to find someone as GREAT as she is! Love reliving the concerts through the movie. Keep on wowing us, Katy;-)
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Wonderful Movie

By dmarie781
Written July 24, 2014
I am a huge Katy Perry fan! I took my daughter and her best friend to see her in Miami and was a fan at the time but after the show was a super fan. It was so great to see the beautiful personal side of Katy. Also the movie shows everyone the hard work involved in obtaining your dreams and once realizing them, the hard work and sacrfices that come with success. I love that it shows her without make up, so girls can see what real women look like without the magic of hair and make up artistis. I highly recommend this movie!!!
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