Best Movie Of 2012 #KP3D

By IgniteTheLight
Written October 29, 2014
YOU MUST GO!!! You will respect her so much more as a person and It will feel like your actually there with her on her incredible journey. You feel like your her bestfriend threw her journey. You learn so much about her, even if you are a Katycat. You'll see how down to earth Katy actually is and how much she does for her fans. It's a mix of everything, you will laugh, sing, cry. I am so proud of Katy and where she has gotten in life today. She deserves it. The 3D makes it feel like your actually there, like you could reach out and she would be right there. It's amazing to see her dreams come true, and she actually worked for it. She is such a hard worker. She deserves everything. (:
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Liked it!

By KatyClaire
Written July 06, 2012
Wasn't a fan. Thought her music was for kids. Saw her on Leno and decided to see the movie the next day. I really enjoyed it. Just downloaded her album. Now a fan.
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GREAT movie!!!

By jennjazzb
Written December 22, 2014
We absolutely loved this movie! We were fans of Katy Perry before, but now after the movie, even bigger fans. Like my daughter said, this was like going to one of her concerts, at a much cheaper price, and up close! We also loved learning about her story and seeing the real side of being a celebrity. This is a must-see movie!!
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Love her even more!

By tracymastro
Written December 22, 2014
Go see this, so inspirational. What a great invite into her world. We really enjoyed it. Took my 18 yr old daughter and 11 yr old niece.
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By mcronin
Written October 24, 2014
I loved every bit of the film. If you are a fan of Katy Perry's you will be a fan of this movie. I had a great time and so can not wait until it is out on DVD to purchase it.
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