talentless idiotic bimbo who has helped ruin the image of music

By nng
Written July 06, 2012
why the HELL would there even be a movie about this talentless pathetic warped loser who sucks as a wannabe artist or musician...katy perry SUCKS...its worse that there aer actually fans of hers and a movie made about her??? why??? she SUCKS..!! shes not an icon, talented or anything....its bad enough her presence is in the lame messed up music industry but now put the idiot on the big screen...err again WHY?? havent we been punished enough??? at least mariah carey HAS talent and is good, even then...there wasnt a movie about her and her life... who are the idiots creating this crap to feed the masses of morons who are even stupider who have any interest in this???
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Suprisingly Amazing

By holaperr
Written May 25, 2015
I went into the movie expecting the typical concert documentary. This one is not typical. Perry is captivating, real, and her story is beautiful. She's an inspiration in ways I never would have thought before seeing the movie. So much respect for her and her entire support team! Two thumbs way, way up.
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By fmla
Written May 24, 2015
Saw this movie the first weekend it came out. I smiled, sang, laughed, and cried throughout the whole movie. I liked Katy Perry previously, but now I Love her!! It was so inspirational to see how Katy kept pounding the pavement to create her own destiny. It was great to see how she can write and sing songs about life without losing her faith, despite her strict Christian upbringing. U Go Girl!!!
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Loved it(:

By purplepolkadot
Written March 06, 2015
I'm a huge fan of Katy Perry so I enjoyed the movie. It had about her divorce so that made me upset because you see her cry. Overall, the movie was entertaining and I liked to see how much she cares about her fans. Katy's grandmother is hilarious. This movie was great for anyone that is a Katy Perry fan or looking for a cute movie to watch(: Btw, the 3D glasses are shweet.
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A Living Doll

By Roxana722
Written August 22, 2014
Really fascinating documentary style film. Learned a lot about her childhood and personal life which I did not know beforehand. Shows you how hard it is, even with enormous talent, it is to make it to the top. Demonstrates the highs and lows in a very high profile celebrity's life, and how love, family, and determination can catapult to the top or over. Like seeing her in concert and even better. Katy Perry is a living doll. Must go!!!
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