Entertained from start to finish

By Aidan M
Written July 06, 2012
This was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. It takes you on an inspiring journey into Katy Perry's life that makes you feel like anyone can be famous with enough work. She is not afraid to show her dark times as well as her happiest moments. It is great for kids and is an emotional roller coaster.
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Worth the price of the ticket!

By cr1sunshine
Written September 22, 2014
I'm an Iowa grandma who has never heard a Katy Perry song or her life until tonight. This movie showed us Katy's life and I wasn't bored for one second nor was my 39 year old daughter. We loved it. Katy does give a lot of herself and dreams to her fans/shows. Let's not judge people, but accept them for who they are. The music is meaningful, which I appreciated. A lot of movie in an hour and 37 minutes.
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i was going into the film with low expectations

By giveherthegun
Written September 23, 2014
and everything about the film exceeded them. i must say i was a huge fan (she is my girlcrush) before the film but if i hated her and was forced to go, i think i would come out of the film at least respecting her to the fullest. it didn't feel like a "concert movie" it just felt like she was sitting down and talking to her fans. the key part where it touches on the personal relationship, is probably the most heart wrenching scenes ever, but it was so nice to see someone so "perfect" go through something we all do. she allows us to go through it with her. loved it so much, am going to see it again.
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By boothjamie14
Written October 01, 2014
i love this movie it is really inspirational and nice. it gets kind of sad towards the end i got a little tirey eyed but, its worth it. ilove this movie!!!!
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Super cute

By zhanabird5
Written July 06, 2012
I took my teenage daughter to see this, and I did because I love her :) I thought this movie was cute and very entertaining. It was great to see how real Katy was and how much her fans, friends, and family love and support her. Some parts even made me get teary eyed. It is a great movie for all ages!
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