Kathleen Ryan
Date of Birth
Jan 01, 1921

Worked With

Year Name Title
1957 Dennis O'Keefe Sail into Danger
1957 James Hayter Sail into Danger
1956 John Gregson Jacqueline
1956 Sam Kydd Jacqueline
1956 Cyril Cusack Jacqueline
1956 Liam Redmond Jacqueline
1956 Noel Purcell Jacqueline
1955 Barbara Rush Captain Lightfoot
1955 Finlay Currie Captain Lightfoot
1955 Denis O'Dea Captain Lightfoot
1955 Edward Lexy Captain Lightfoot
1955 Kenneth MacDonald Captain Lightfoot
1955 Rock Hudson Captain Lightfoot
1953 Kenneth More The Yellow Balloon
1953 Bernard Lee The Yellow Balloon
1953 William Sylvester The Yellow Balloon
1953 Eliot Makeham The Yellow Balloon
1952 Andrew Keir Scotch on the Rocks
1952 Prunella Scales Scotch on the Rocks
1952 Kynaston Reeves Scotch on the Rocks
1950 Christopher Lee Prelude to Fame
1950 James Robertson Justice Prelude to Fame
1950 Ben Williams Prelude to Fame
1950 Lloyd Bridges Try and Get Me
1950 Frank Lovejoy Try and Get Me
1950 Richard Carlson Try and Get Me
1949 Bonar Colleano Christ in Concrete
1949 William Sylvester Christ in Concrete
1949 Sam Wanamaker Christ in Concrete
1949 Linden Travers Christopher Columbus
1949 Ralph Truman Christopher Columbus
1949 Francis L. Sullivan Christopher Columbus
1949 Florence Eldridge Christopher Columbus
1949 Felix Aylmer Christopher Columbus
1949 Niall MacGinnis Christopher Columbus
1949 James Robertson Justice Christopher Columbus
1949 Fredric March Christopher Columbus
1948 Dirk Bogarde Esther Waters
1948 Cyril Cusack Esther Waters
1947 Niall MacGinnis Captain Boycott
1947 Edward Lexy Captain Boycott
1947 Mervyn Johns Captain Boycott
1947 Liam Redmond Captain Boycott
1947 Noel Purcell Captain Boycott
1947 Cecil Parker Captain Boycott
1947 Alastair Sim Captain Boycott
1947 Stewart Granger Captain Boycott
1947 Maurice Denham Captain Boycott
1947 Eddie Byrne Captain Boycott
1947 Robert Donat Captain Boycott
1947 Ian Fleming Captain Boycott
1947 Eddie Byrne Odd Man Out
1947 Dan O'Herlihy Odd Man Out
1947 Robert Beatty Odd Man Out
1947 Cyril Cusack Odd Man Out
1947 Denis O'Dea Odd Man Out
1947 Robert Newton Odd Man Out
1947 James Mason Odd Man Out
1947 Geoffrey Keen Odd Man Out
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