Kathleen Myers

Worked With

Year Name Title
1926 Viola Dana Kosher Kitty Kelly
1925 Fred Kohler Dick Turpin
1925 Carole Lombard Dick Turpin
1925 Gary Cooper Dick Turpin
1925 Alan Hale Dick Turpin
1925 Tom Mix Dick Turpin
1925 Buster Keaton Go West
1925 Anna May Wong His Supreme Moment
1925 Blanche Sweet His Supreme Moment
1925 Ronald Colman His Supreme Moment
1925 Ned Sparks His Supreme Moment
1925 Lee Shumway Smilin' at Trouble
1924 Lucien Littlefield Babbitt
1924 Willard Louis Babbitt
1923 Oliver Hardy Horseshoes
1923 Oliver Hardy The Midnight Cabaret
1920 Oliver Hardy Backyard
1920 Oliver Hardy Decorator
1920 Oliver Hardy Trouble Hunter
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