Kathleen Fee

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Julia Roberts Mirror Mirror
2012 Mare Winningham Mirror Mirror
2012 Michael Lerner Mirror Mirror
2012 Sean Bean Mirror Mirror
2012 Nathan Lane Mirror Mirror
2011 Zeljko Ivanek The Words
2011 Michael McKean The Words
2011 J.K. Simmons The Words
2011 Dennis Quaid The Words
2011 Ron Rifkin The Words
2011 Jeremy Irons The Words
1998 Chris Sarandon Little Men
1998 Mariel Hemingway Little Men
1993 F. Murray Abraham Sweet Killing
1993 Andréa Ferréol Sweet Killing
1993 Michael Ironside Sweet Killing
1987 Margot Kidder The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
1983 Michael Ironside Cross Country
1982 William Shatner Visiting Hours
1982 Lee Grant Visiting Hours
1982 Michael Ironside Visiting Hours
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