Katherine MacDonald
Date of Birth
Dec 14, 1891
Birth Place:
Pittsburgh, PA

Worked With

Year Name Title
1926 Lewis Stone Old Loves and New
1926 Walter Pidgeon Old Loves and New
1926 Tully Marshall Old Loves and New
1925 Wanda Hawley Unnamed Woman
1925 Herbert Rawlinson Unnamed Woman
1923 Huntly Gordon Chastity
1923 Carl Stockdale Money, Money, Money
1922 Boris Karloff Infidel
1922 Boris Karloff Woman Conquers
1922 Bryant Washburn Woman Conquers
1921 Charles Meredith The Beautiful Liar
1921 Edmund Lowe My Lady's Latchkey
1921 Wesley Barry Stranger Than Fiction
1920 Norman Kerry Passion's Playground
1920 Rudolph Valentino Passion's Playground
1918 Douglas Fairbanks Mr. Fix-It
1918 Wanda Hawley Mr. Fix-It
1918 Lon Chaney Riddle Gawne
1918 William S. Hart Riddle Gawne
1918 Guy Oliver The Squaw Man
1918 Thurston Hall The Squaw Man
1918 Tully Marshall The Squaw Man
1918 Jack Holt The Squaw Man
1918 Noah Beery, Sr. The Squaw Man
1918 Monte Blue The Squaw Man
1918 Theodore Roberts The Squaw Man
1918 Elliott Dexter The Squaw Man
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