Katherine La Nasa
Date of Birth
Dec 01, 1966
Birth Place:
New Orleans, LA

Worked With

Year Name Title
2013 John Cusack The Frozen Ground
2013 Nicolas Cage The Frozen Ground
2012 Dan Aykroyd The Campaign
2012 Dylan McDermott The Campaign
2012 Will Ferrell The Campaign
2012 Brian Cox The Campaign
2012 John Lithgow The Campaign
2012 Tippi Hedren Jayne Mansfield's Car
2012 Kevin Bacon Jayne Mansfield's Car
2012 Frances O'Connor Jayne Mansfield's Car
2012 Billy Bob Thornton Jayne Mansfield's Car
2012 John Hurt Jayne Mansfield's Car
2012 Robert Duvall Jayne Mansfield's Car
2010 Kathy Bates Valentine's Day
2010 Queen Latifah Valentine's Day
2010 Patrick Dempsey Valentine's Day
2010 Jamie Foxx Valentine's Day
2010 Hector Elizondo Valentine's Day
2010 Shirley MacLaine Valentine's Day
2010 Paul Williams Valentine's Day
2010 Jennifer Garner Valentine's Day
2010 Topher Grace Valentine's Day
2010 Julia Roberts Valentine's Day
2010 Anne Hathaway Valentine's Day
2006 Eric Bogosian Love Monkey [TV Series]
2005 Lee Garlington Grey's Anatomy: Deny Deny Deny
2001 Dyan Cannon Three Sisters: Season 01
1996 James LeGros The Destiny of Marty Fine
1996 Norman Fell The Destiny of Marty Fine
1996 Catherine Keener The Destiny of Marty Fine
1996 Michael Ironside The Destiny of Marty Fine
1996 Daniel Craig Kiss and Tell
1996 Alexandra Paul Kiss and Tell
1996 Rose McGowan Kiss and Tell
1996 Jill Hennessy Kiss and Tell
1996 Heather Graham Kiss and Tell
1996 Peter Howitt Kiss and Tell
1996 Lukas Haas Kiss and Tell
1996 Barry Corbin Kiss and Tell
1996 David Arquette Kiss and Tell
1996 Ossie Davis Touched By an Angel: Homecoming, Part 1
1995 Patricia Wettig Nothing But the Truth
1995 Tia Carrere Nothing But the Truth
1994 Louis Gossett, Jr. Flashfire
1994 Tom Mason Flashfire
1994 Mark L. Taylor Flashfire
1994 Billy Zane Flashfire
1993 Dennis Hopper The Heart of Justice
1993 Jennifer Connelly The Heart of Justice
1993 Harris Yulin The Heart of Justice
1993 Eric Stoltz The Heart of Justice
1993 Bradford Dillman The Heart of Justice
1993 Dermot Mulroney The Heart of Justice
1993 Vincent Price The Heart of Justice
1993 Felicity Huffman The Heart of Justice
1993 William H. Macy The Heart of Justice
1991 Julie Adams Backtrack
1991 John Turturro Backtrack
1991 Dennis Hopper Backtrack
1991 Vincent Price Backtrack
1991 Joe Pesci Backtrack
1991 Catherine Keener Backtrack
1991 Dean Stockwell Backtrack
1991 Charlie Sheen Backtrack
1991 Fred Ward Backtrack
1991 Jodie Foster Backtrack
1991 Bob Dylan Backtrack
1991 Alex Cox Backtrack
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