Kate Beckinsale
Date of Birth
Jul 26, 1973
Birth Place:
London, England

Worked With

Year Name Title
2016 Stephen Fry Love & Friendship
2016 Chloë Sevigny Love & Friendship
2016 Charles Dance Underworld 5
2016 Charles Dance Underworld: Next Generation
2015 Robin Williams Absolutely Anything
2015 Michael Palin Absolutely Anything
2015 Joanna Lumley Absolutely Anything
2015 John Cleese Absolutely Anything
2015 Terry Gilliam Absolutely Anything
2015 Eddie Izzard Absolutely Anything
2015 Terry Jones Absolutely Anything
2015 Eric Idle Absolutely Anything
2014 Michael Caine Stonehearst Asylum
2014 David Thewlis Stonehearst Asylum
2014 Sinéad Cusack Stonehearst Asylum
2014 Ben Kingsley Stonehearst Asylum
2014 Brendan Gleeson Stonehearst Asylum
2013 James Cromwell The Trials of Cate McCall
2013 Clancy Brown The Trials of Cate McCall
2013 Nick Nolte The Trials of Cate McCall
2012 Giovanni Ribisi Contraband
2012 Diego Luna Contraband
2012 Lukas Haas Contraband
2012 J.K. Simmons Contraband
2012 Mark Wahlberg Contraband
2012 Colin Farrell Total Recall
2012 Bill Nighy Total Recall
2012 Charles Dance Underworld: Awakening
2012 Stephen Rea Underworld: Awakening
2009 Melissa Leo Everybody's Fine
2009 Robert De Niro Everybody's Fine
2009 Drew Barrymore Everybody's Fine
2009 Sam Rockwell Everybody's Fine
2009 Kene Holliday Everybody's Fine
2009 Tom Skerritt Whiteout
2008 Jeanne Tripplehorn Fragments
2008 Guy Pearce Fragments
2008 Forest Whitaker Fragments
2008 Jennifer Hudson Fragments
2008 Embeth Davidtz Fragments
2008 David Schwimmer Nothing But the Truth
2008 Matt Dillon Nothing But the Truth
2008 Angela Bassett Nothing But the Truth
2008 Alan Alda Nothing But the Truth
2008 Courtney B. Vance Nothing But the Truth
2007 Sam Rockwell Snow Angels
2007 Tom Noonan Snow Angels
2007 Griffin Dunne Snow Angels
2007 Luke Wilson Vacancy
2007 Frank Whaley Vacancy
2006 David Hasselhoff Click
2006 Julie Kavner Click
2006 Sean Astin Click
2006 Henry Winkler Click
2006 Adam Sandler Click
2006 Christopher Walken Click
2006 Bill Nighy Underworld: Evolution
2006 Derek Jacobi Underworld: Evolution
2004 Danny Huston The Aviator
2004 John C. Reilly The Aviator
2004 Jude Law The Aviator
2004 Cate Blanchett The Aviator
2004 Alan Alda The Aviator
2004 Edward Herrmann The Aviator
2004 Willem Dafoe The Aviator
2004 Alec Baldwin The Aviator
2004 Ian Holm The Aviator
2004 Leonardo DiCaprio The Aviator
2004 Kevin J. O'Connor Van Helsing
2004 Robbie Coltrane Van Helsing
2004 Richard Roxburgh Van Helsing
2004 Hugh Jackman Van Helsing
2003 Patricia Arquette Tiptoes
2003 Matthew McConaughey Tiptoes
2003 Gary Oldman Tiptoes
2003 Bill Nighy Underworld
2002 Natascha McElhone Laurel Canyon
2002 Frances McDormand Laurel Canyon
2002 Christian Bale Laurel Canyon
2001 Cuba Gooding, Jr. Pearl Harbor
2001 Mako Pearl Harbor
2001 Dan Aykroyd Pearl Harbor
2001 William Fichtner Pearl Harbor
2001 Ben Affleck Pearl Harbor
2001 Alec Baldwin Pearl Harbor
2001 Peter Firth Pearl Harbor
2001 Jon Voight Pearl Harbor
2001 Josh Hartnett Pearl Harbor
2001 Jennifer Garner Pearl Harbor
2001 Scott Wilson Pearl Harbor
2001 Tom Sizemore Pearl Harbor
2001 Eugene Levy Serendipity
2001 Molly Shannon Serendipity
2001 John Cusack Serendipity
2000 James Fox The Golden Bowl
2000 Jeremy Northam The Golden Bowl
2000 Nick Nolte The Golden Bowl
2000 Anjelica Huston The Golden Bowl
2000 Uma Thurman The Golden Bowl
1999 Ian Holm Alice Through the Looking Glass
1999 Michael Medwin Alice Through the Looking Glass
1999 Bill Pullman Brokedown Palace
1999 Lou Diamond Phillips Brokedown Palace
1999 Claire Danes Brokedown Palace
1998 Jennifer Beals The Last Days of Disco
1998 Chloë Sevigny The Last Days of Disco
1998 Robert Sean Leonard The Last Days of Disco
1998 Christopher Eigeman The Last Days of Disco
1996 Prunella Scales Emma
1996 Olivia Williams Emma
1996 Samantha Morton Emma
1995 Ian McKellen Cold Comfort Farm
1995 Joanna Lumley Cold Comfort Farm
1995 Miriam Margolyes Cold Comfort Farm
1995 Freddie Jones Cold Comfort Farm
1995 Stephen Fry Cold Comfort Farm
1995 Eileen Atkins Cold Comfort Farm
1995 Rufus Sewell Cold Comfort Farm
1995 John Gielgud Haunted
1995 Anna Massey Haunted
1995 Anthony Andrews Haunted
1995 Aidan Quinn Haunted
1994 Christian Bale Royal Deceit
1994 Gabriel Byrne Royal Deceit
1994 Brian Cox Royal Deceit
1994 Helen Mirren Royal Deceit
1994 Freddie Jones Royal Deceit
1994 John Wood Uncovered
1994 Sinéad Cusack Uncovered
1994 Michael Gough Uncovered
1993 Richard Briers Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Brian Blessed Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Michael Keaton Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Phyllida Law Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Robert Sean Leonard Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Kenneth Branagh Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Patrick Doyle Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Denzel Washington Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Keanu Reeves Much Ado About Nothing
1993 Emma Thompson Much Ado About Nothing
1991 Judy Davis One Against the Wind
1991 Denholm Elliott One Against the Wind
1991 Sam Neill One Against the Wind
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