“KATE AND LEOPOLD” – Sometimes, people “OUT of their time” fit in BETTER than those who “belong” = Rating: 7 of 10 stars (based on a DVD shown at a local library). =

By jimchudnow
Written September 12, 2009
Leopold, the English Duke of Albany (HUGH JACKMAN), is visiting NYC in 1876 to view the creation of the Brooklyn Bridge and try to find a rich woman to marry so he could relieve his family’s indebtedness. Since he's an inventor (& was working on a prototype for an elevator), he’s intrigued when he sees a man (Stuart, played by LIEV SCHREIBER) in the crowd who appears to be using unknown devices such as a miniature camera and small pen. When he chases Liev, they suddenly fall & disappear thru a time-rift into a MODERN-DAY period, the devices of which (cars, TVs, etc.) amaze Hugh. At one point, marketing whiz Kate (MEG RYAN) comes into the apt of Liev who was her ex-boyfriend, & is “taken” with the gallant demeanor of Hugh, who she urges to appear in a commercial for her firm. Her visiting brother Charlie (BRECKIN MEYER) becomes Hugh’s friend, is helped by him, & tries to encourage a romance with his sister. It’s charming, humorous, quite well-acted by all -- & a successful rom-com romp.
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By snowdropbluecross
Written June 20, 2013
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