Karen Maruyama

Worked With

Year Name Title
2012 Brian Cox The Campaign
2012 Will Ferrell The Campaign
2012 Dan Aykroyd The Campaign
2012 John Lithgow The Campaign
2012 Dylan McDermott The Campaign
2007 Rob Morrow The Bucket List
2007 Jack Nicholson The Bucket List
2007 Morgan Freeman The Bucket List
2006 Peter Jackson Enigma with a Stigma
2004 Famke Janssen Nip/Tuck: Oona Wentworth
2001 Michael Chiklis Heavy Gear [Animated Series]
2001 Clancy Brown Heavy Gear [Animated Series]
2001 Lukas Haas Heavy Gear [Animated Series]
2000 Garrett Morris The Jamie Foxx Show: Season 05
2000 Jamie Foxx The Jamie Foxx Show: Season 05
1999 Jamie Foxx The Jamie Foxx Show: Season 04
1999 Garrett Morris The Jamie Foxx Show: Season 04
1996 Jason Alexander Dunston Checks In
1996 Paul Reubens Dunston Checks In
1996 Faye Dunaway Dunston Checks In
1996 Rupert Everett Dunston Checks In
1995 John Mahoney The American President
1995 Annette Bening The American President
1995 Samantha Mathis The American President
1995 David Paymer The American President
1995 Gail Strickland The American President
1995 Aaron Sorkin The American President
1995 Martin Sheen The American President
1995 Michael Douglas The American President
1995 Michael J. Fox The American President
1995 Richard Dreyfuss The American President
1994 Lawrence Bender Pulp Fiction
1994 Harvey Keitel Pulp Fiction
1994 Frank Whaley Pulp Fiction
1994 Bruce Willis Pulp Fiction
1994 Steve Buscemi Pulp Fiction
1994 Quentin Tarantino Pulp Fiction
1994 Samuel L. Jackson Pulp Fiction
1994 Rosanna Arquette Pulp Fiction
1994 Tim Roth Pulp Fiction
1994 Eric Stoltz Pulp Fiction
1994 Amanda Plummer Pulp Fiction
1994 Ving Rhames Pulp Fiction
1994 John Travolta Pulp Fiction
1994 Christopher Walken Pulp Fiction
1994 Dick Miller Pulp Fiction
1994 Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction
1990 Jim Metzler Circuitry Man
1985 Michael Moriarty Odd Birds
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