Karen Duffy
Date of Birth
May 23, 1962
Birth Place:
New York, NY

Worked With

Year Name Title
2009 Bill Murray Fantastic Mr. Fox
2009 Brian Cox Fantastic Mr. Fox
2009 Wes Anderson Fantastic Mr. Fox
2009 Owen Wilson Fantastic Mr. Fox
2009 Meryl Streep Fantastic Mr. Fox
2009 Willem Dafoe Fantastic Mr. Fox
2009 George Clooney Fantastic Mr. Fox
2009 Adrien Brody Fantastic Mr. Fox
2009 Michael Gambon Fantastic Mr. Fox
1999 Patti LuPone The 24-Hour Woman
1999 Marianne Jean-Baptiste The 24-Hour Woman
1999 Melissa Leo The 24-Hour Woman
1999 Rosie Perez The 24-Hour Woman
1999 Aida Turturro The 24-Hour Woman
1997 "Weird Al" Yankovic Nothing Sacred
1995 Saul Rubinek Synapse
1994 Michael Lerner Blank Check
1994 Miguel Ferrer Blank Check
1994 Debbie Allen Blank Check
1994 Jeff Daniels Dumb and Dumber
1994 Jim Carrey Dumb and Dumber
1994 Teri Garr Dumb and Dumber
1994 Renée Zellweger Reality Bites
1994 Joe Don Baker Reality Bites
1994 Winona Ryder Reality Bites
1994 Janeane Garofalo Reality Bites
1994 Ben Stiller Reality Bites
1994 Steve Zahn Reality Bites
1994 Jeanne Tripplehorn Reality Bites
1994 Anne Meara Reality Bites
1994 Kevin Pollak Reality Bites
1994 Swoosie Kurtz Reality Bites
1994 Keith David Reality Bites
1994 John Mahoney Reality Bites
1994 Ethan Hawke Reality Bites
1993 Denis Leary Who's the Man?
1993 Bernie Mac Who's the Man?
1993 Queen Latifah Who's the Man?
1993 Terrence Howard Who's the Man?
1993 Ice-T Who's the Man?
1992 Danny Aiello 29th Street
1992 Anthony LaPaglia 29th Street
1992 Robert Forster 29th Street
1991 Chick Vennera McBain
1991 Christopher Walken McBain
1991 Luis Guzman McBain
1991 Maria Conchita Alonso McBain
1991 Michael Ironside McBain
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