By willbs21
Written October 13, 2014
this movie is absolutely terrible.
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Yet Another Afrocentric Remake... No Prejudice. JUST THE FACTS !!!

Written October 13, 2014
This posting is NOT written with prejudice. It"s simply an objective observation. #1 I guess Will Smith didn't see "THE HONEYMOONERS" or LISTEN TO COUNTLESS PIECES OF GREAT MUSIC THAT WERE COMPLETELY DESTROYED BY PUTTING [BLOCKED WEBSITE]PUTER GENERATED RAP BEAT BEHIND IT. Am I the only one seeing a pattern here ? LOL #2 IT'S NOT EVEN KARATE ! IT'S KUNG FU ! Why couldn't they leave the classic "KARATE KID" alone and start a new "KUNG FU KID" series ? Answer: BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE THE IMAGINATION OR TALENT TO COMPARE TO THE CLASSIC. So they BUY the name of the classic and ride it's reputation and pre-sold audience. For this, I will not see another Will Smith or Jackie Chan Movie again. WAS a big fan of them both, but they've lost my RESPECT. THIS IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF FIXING SOMETHING UNTIL IT'S BROKEN. The Black Karate Kid thing aint workin. Will Smith is hurting his sons "career". I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE THIS MOVIE FLOP !!!
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Soared passed my expectations

By redyeah
Written October 13, 2014
Like everyone else who loved the original, I was ready to hate this movie before even seeing it. But I saw a free screening last night, and I am so glad I did. This version had enough of its own heart to drown out my hatred for remaking a classic. It did not try to copy the original. which really helped its cause. The fighting scenes were surprisingly Jaden Smith really held his own on screen. He has many of Will's mannerisms, but also a unique personality. This is a great breakthrough performance for him. Many will compare it to thr original, which is fair, but in order to even try to enjoy a remake, one has to look at the film as its own movie, NOT something that is just being retried. If you suspend your memories, this is a great movie.
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sweep the leg

By kneeland55
Written October 13, 2014
Miogi do Vs. Cobra Kia...can you say jedi Vs. lord sith...yea its that good! Daniel son totally crane kicks johnny in the face at the end (and the rest of the movie is pretty cool to) if you like old japanese men catching flies with chop sticks, a shower halloween costume, and waxing antique cars then this is the film for you...BONZIA!!!!!
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Surprisingly good for a remake

By jeanne_bean
Written October 13, 2014
I went to a free preview of The Karate Kid expecting a terrible hack job. Instead I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Yes, it does echo the original classic with Mr. Miyagi and Daniel-san, but I believe this movie will stand on its own. Viewers will recognize the plot of the original, but enough of the story has changed to engage the audience. My children (ages 5 to 10) loved the film. The audience cheered and clapped when it was appropriate, which added to our enjoyment. We were all rooting for The Karate Kid. I don't think you'll be disappointed!
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